Lilith transiting in the natal houses

Lilith-12-Harm.jpg Lilith transiting in the 1st house

During this time, your appearance and mannerisms can change to match your deep inner longings and raw emotions.

You may dress for rebellion and self expression regardless of the opinions of others.

You may throw caution to the wind now and stay true to your deeper desires and sexual interests without concern for conventions or social norms.

Lilith transiting in the 2nd house

Your values and sense of security may be challenged now.

This is a perfect time to rebel against restrictions and limitations based on economic stability and finances.

You may even outright reject the values of your culture or society and prioritize your own instincts and sense of beauty and worthiness.

Lilith transiting in the 3rd house

You may shock others by talking about taboo topics or becoming more open and expressive about your sexuality.

You may begin writing, blogging or speaking openly about your past traumas or sexuality.

You may feel compelled to study radically subversive ideas in an effort to reclaim your power. You take an intellectual interest in rebelling against the status quo now.

Lilith transiting in the 4th house

Your raw inner emotions and hidden desires can burst to the surface now, having an intense impact on home and family life.

You may feel compelled to rebel against family traditions. Your desires for freedom and free sexual expression may create tension and problems with family or disrupt home life.

Lilith transiting in the 5th house

Your rebellious nature can compel you to express your sexuality and inner desires through elicit affairs.

You may also look for creative outlets to express your inner desires and wild nature during this time.

You may feel more competitive than usual. You can alienate others by being overconfident or pushing others away to preserve your freedom now.

Lilith transiting in the 6th house

You will feel obsessed with daily routines and may seek freedom and rebellion by completely changing your lifestyle and important aspects of your daily life.

You may suddenly rebel against the restrictions of work, quit your job, or seek work or routines that allow you to follow your instincts and desires rather than conforming to others’ schedules.

You may also take matters of health into your own hands, even if it goes against conventional wisdom to do so.

Lilith transiting in the 7th house

Commitments to partnerships can feel stifling and confining now. You may feel the desire to break away from obligations or push the envelope in partnerships.

Your sexual desires may outpace the capabilities of your partnership or relationships. Rather than seeking balance, you may go to extremes to preserve your independence now.

Lilith transiting in the 8th house

This can be a powerful time for dramatic transformation.

You may come to embrace your sexuality and sexual desires. During this time you may also rebel against the status quo and reclaim your confidence and power.

Your inner desires can lead you to reject conventional wisdom or alienate others as you try to usher in transformation in your own way.

Lilith transiting in the 9th house

You may rebel against ideas and theology that was a pillar of your upbringing.

Your unique ideas and intuition may also lead you to reject religious teachings or institutions of higher education.

You may reclaim inner wisdom through following your own intuition and deeper desires. Seeking pleasure can lead you to expand your horizons now.

Lilith transiting in the 10th house

You may feel compelled to rebel against the confines of your career or reject your own public image now.

You will want to explore your inner desires and sexuality even if it sends shock waves through your career.

Your raw inner power and self-confidence can lead you to unconventional success in your career during this time.

Lilith transiting in the 11th house

Your desires for freedom and independence are triggered now. You may embrace your inner desires and sexual interests.

As much as you want to strike out on your own, you will also feel drawn to joining groups or organizations that promote free expression and acceptance of your sexuality.

Lilith transiting in the 12th house

You may reject conventional spirituality and healing and find your own unique path to transcendence and expression. Your sexual desires may intermingle with your spiritual interests.

During this time you may need to face your addictions and potential to self-sabotage, learning the difference between freedom to be yourself and addictive pleasure seeking.

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