Ceres in Aries, Ceres in Taurus, Ceres in Gemini, Ceres in Cancer

ceres.jpg Ceres in Aries

You are actively involved in nurturing others. When you care about someone you go to great lengths to do things for them.

The more challenging measures you go to, the more convinced you are that you have proven your love. You may confuse conflict with love and think that it is your mission to soothe those who act out their anger and hostility, seeing this as a challenge and not a turn off.

When you care about someone, your nurturing style can be a bit combative. You aren’t afraid to be direct and forceful, making suggestions based on what you believe is best for the other person.

You may also believe it is your mission to diffuse aggression by showing love and consideration to those who present a significant challenge to receiving love.

By climbing mountains and jumping through hoops, you rationalize, you are showing your deeper love and commitment.

Ceres in Taurus

Your style of nurturing is earthy and sensual. You show your love tangibly.

You feel most nurtured when your basic comfort needs are met. To nurture others, you break bread with them, after cooking a delicious and healthy meal.

You also try to nurture others by preparing for their financial stability. You do whatever you can to create a stable and consistent foundation. You may check in at the same time every day to make sure your loved ones are well.

In an effort to help others succeed, you have a gift for being honest, even to the point of seeming abrupt with others. You know you’re not doing anyone any favors by being overly optimistic, so your style of showing love also involves being frank with others.

When you want to encourage or help someone feel uplifted, you’ll bake comforting foods and prepare their favorite meals. You’ll create a sense of comfort in their surroundings and attend to their physical needs.

Ceres in Gemini

You nurture others through your communication gifts. Sharing ideas and inspiring others helps you express your love and compassion.

Your sense of fantasy and imagination nurtures you and helps you express your love to others. You believe that the more information someone has the more empowered they are to find security and happiness.

You help others see the different sides of every situation in hopes that adaptability will help them find comfort. You can seem emotionally distant but you’re always there when loved ones need to talk.

You find nurturing through information. When you are anxious or feeling worried about a situation you try to read and talk about it as much as possible. You may also seek words of comfort when you’re down. When you love someone, you tell them constantly that you are thinking about them.

Ceres in Cancer

You are the ultimate nurturer. When you love someone you tend to their emotional needs directly.

You will treat loved ones like family and try to create a home like setting for your loved ones. You are generous and compassionate with your time and energy.

Although you can be soft and compassionate, you also have a fierce and protective side. You’ll go to bat for those you love and provide care and compassionate nurturing.

Your intentions are good though others can sometimes feel smothered by your displays of affection and care. You may also underestimate those you love, feeling like you have to be overprotective of them.

You have an intuitive sense of other’s needs and will pick up on their subtle cues. You instinctively know how to comfort and help those you love. You never forget the small details of what others love and will try to nurture your loved ones in the way a parent cares for a child.

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