Ceres in Leo, Ceres in Virgo, Ceres in Libra, Ceres in Scorpio

ceres.jpg Ceres in Leo

Your style of nurturing is dramatic and over the top. You are brave, bold and assertive.

You may take it upon yourself to solve problems others haven’t asked for help with because you’re direct and passionate about showing others you love them.

Though you go to dramatic lengths to express your nurturing energy, you’ll also likely feel hurt or dismissed if those you care for don’t show their appreciation in equally open and flamboyant terms.

You find creative ways to show others you love them. You’re also likely to leave a personal impression on those you care for. They’ll know you love them and also see your personality and individuality shine through in your nurturing style.

For example, when a friend is down you may bring them your favorite meal or take them to your favorite places to cheer them up. You’ll also use your unique sense of humor to try to nurture, entertain and distract others from their problems.

Ceres in Virgo

Your style of nurturing is practical and efficient. You don’t waste time talking about how you feel or what you need.

Instead you do things for others. Constantly.

You find practical ways to care for others as part of your daily routines. You also find ways to express your care and concern by giving suggestions.

Sometimes these suggestions are appreciated and sometimes they are interpreted as criticism. Your intentions are always good, however you also nurture from a practical standpoint and can sometimes miss subtle emotional cues from others.

You crave consistency and are sure to be a reliable, consistent helper for those you love. You’ll show up and fix things around their home, repair their car or research and find answers to problems they’ve been having.

You’ll also do favors and run errands for them. Though your style is understated rather than flamboyant, you’ll find ways to make life easier, better and more comfortable for your loved ones.

You’ll also look out for their health, safety and well being. You’ll recommend changes to help them improve their health or diet.

Ceres in Libra

Your style of nurturing is based on aesthetics, beauty and creating harmony.

You nurture others by creating balance and harmony in their lives. You openly express your love, compassion and empathy.

When you love someone, you nurture them by filling their life with as much beauty as possible. You want to surround them with peaceful and serene art, music and other aesthetically pleasing things.

You also nurture others by helping them to see their own beauty. You have a natural sense of romance and can be creative and artistic in your attempts to show your love for others.

You instinctively understand the need for harmony and balance. When others are stressed or need nurturing, you may go out of your way to make sure they have harmony in their space and other aspects of their life.

You are also likely to be very protective of those you care about. While soft spoken at times you will demand fairness and justice for your loved ones.

Ceres in Scorpio

Your nurturing style is intense, emotional and instinctive.

When you love someone, you show you care by obsessively attending to their every need. You may do extensive research to understand their needs and desires.

When your loved one has a problem, you’ll do all you can to seek out solutions. You’ll uncover the deeper truths and help those you love make dramatic transformations.

You may show up in the life of your loved ones just at a critical time. At the perfect time when they need to let go of something or find ways to be initiated or reborn.

You are a natural facilitator for these deeper changes and transformations. You can nurture others by being a catalyst for deep spiritual and emotional change.

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