Ceres in Sagittarius, Ceres in Capricorn, Ceres in Aquarius, Ceres in Pisces

ceres.jpg Ceres in Sagittarius

Your nurturing style is inspirational and philosophical. You help others find their higher spiritual connection.

When you love someone, you do everything you can to help them see their full potential. You are part mentor, part cheerleader for your loved ones.

You will try to nurture the dreams and aspirations of those you love. When you care about someone, you won’t let any limitations stand in their way.

Instead, you’ll promote their growth and independence. You’re never clingy or needy. You show affection and love by giving those you care about space to roam free. You’re always there to give wise and compassionate guidance, but you don’t interfere with their choices.

You’ll try to help your loved ones make meaning and find purpose in every situation. You have an optimistic attitude toward your loved ones and you try to bring out the best in everyone.

Ceres in Capricorn

Your style of nurturing others is practical and rather detached. You don’t like to get embroiled in crisis.

Instead you work diligently behind the scenes to create stability and consistency for others. You are nurturing in a practical way. You’ll go to great lengths to ensure your loved ones are financially stable.

You have a talent for patience and because you can keep your deeper feelings tuned down, you’re well suited to comfort others by tending to their immediate needs.

You don’t always stop to talk about emotions to any great lengths. Instead, though, you’ll make sure your loved ones have everything they need to find greater stability.

In particular, you’ll look after the financial and business or career needs of your loved ones. You’ll also help ground them in rational matters, paying attention to the important details and linking them to traditions from the past that bring comfort and stability.

Ceres in Aquarius

Your nurturing style is unpredictable and intense. Others never know exactly how you’ll show your love.

Usually, you don’t either. You may find comfort in change and progressive ideology. When your loved ones are stressed, you’ll do everything you can to try to instill hope and a sense of freedom.

You have an intellectual approach to nurturing and will try to help those you care about see things in a different and sometimes radically different way in order to make sense of difficult situations.

You can be shocking and aren’t afraid to break the rules of conventional wisdom or even social standards in order to take care of the ones you love.

You may nurture from a distance, touching base to check in on the needs of your loved ones rather than rushing in to the eye of the storm. You also shy away from emotional connection and instead form an intellectual and spiritual connection to others.

Ceres in Pisces

Your nurturing style is deeply emotional and compassionate. You try to reach others on an emotional level.

When you love someone, you actually want to dissolve any boundaries that separate you from your loved one. You want to actually get into their heart and soul and bare your own soul to them.

It’s easy for you to nurture those you can empathize with and sometimes you take on too much of others’ emotional reaction. You may be drawn to those who are sick and suffering.

You are also likely to try too hard to heal those who haven’t decided what they want. You may take responsibility for the pain your loved ones feel, telling yourself that your own suffering will relieve theirs.

Thus your nurturing style can involve some martyrdom. You’ll also go to great lengths to show compassion and emotional concern for those you love.

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