Ceres in the houses: What part of my life needs the most nurturing?

Ceres-12-Harm.jpg Ceres in the 1st house

You need to nurture your confidence in your self so that you can be more assertive.

You may have doubts or insecurities about your appearance. You may need extra nurturing and encouragement to come into full appreciation of your beauty and strengths as an individual.

You are also likely to seek admiration and reassurance from others when it comes to your very sense of self and self-image. You may embody the very traits you wish others would show toward you.

For example, your desire for nurturing may lead you to openly and generously show love and generosity with others. You may have a long line of loved ones you’ve ‘adopted’ as if they were your own family or children.

You easily step up to the plate to act as caretaker for others and may try to channel your desire for nurturing in your proactive caretaking of others. Nurturing is deeply interconnected with your personality.

Ceres in the 2nd house

You have a practical and level headed approach to nurturing others.

You are confident about your skills and always seem to know exactly what others need in order to feel secure and solid. You look out for the health and financial well being of your loved ones in particular.

You may pay significant attention to your own financial situation and try to nurture yourself by having all of your physical and comfort needs met.

You are likely to seek affirmation and nurturing through your financial status and even through romantic connections. You need consistency and stability in order to feel like your deeper emotional needs are being met.

If you don’t have enough food to eat or a comfortable atmosphere around you, you won’t be able to tend to your deeper needs. Likewise, you are sensitive to the desires and practical needs of others and will work to make those you love feel comfortable and cared for.

No matter what challenges you face, you’ll feel confident and secure if your bank account is solid and the fridge is full.

Ceres in the 3rd house

Your desire to nurture others is highly intellectual.

You are drawn to sharing your generosity with peers in your family or community. You may nurture others by teaching or volunteering to help others with literacy, translation or other communication needs.

You may also have a gift for nurturing others through your inspiring communication style. You may have a more nurturing relationship with your siblings or neighbors than with your own parents.

As an adult, you’ll take it upon yourself to be a beacon of compassion and nurturing for those in your neighborhood, community and in your peer group. You find social groups and outings with friends, siblings, cousins or neighbors to be recharging and invigorating.

Your best experiences of early nurturing may have been from your school, either from learning and being praised for your intelligence, or because you were popular with friends and peers.

When you need nurturing you may be drawn back to educational or community based settings. Libraries, schools and community centers appeal to you.

Ceres in the 4th house

You find nurturing through creating a sense of home and family wherever you go.

You can be very private about your deeper needs, only allowing those in your inner circle to really nurture you. You can also have an intuitive sense of others’ needs. You know how to make others feel at home. Your loved ones may see you as a nurturing maternal figure or extended family.

When you need nurturing, you look to home and family. You’ll try to connect with your past through connections with family. You may be very close to your mother or maternal side of the family.

You need to feel anchored in a sense of security and home so that you can show your compassionate, nurturing and loving nature to others. You may keep your most personal needs private. You may also try to preserve your emotional nurturing energy for those closest to you, showing a stoic exterior in your dealings with others.

Ceres in the 5th house

You seek nurturing through your creative interests and connection with children.

You are likely to be very caring and compassionate toward young people and you may love being in the role of aunt or uncle as a secondary nurturer. You may find your relationship with your own children to be cathartic and deeply healing.

You may seek competitive games or creative, fun expression of your own childlike energy when you need nurturing. Your need for nurturing may also stem from having your creativity and need for leisure was overlooked earlier in life.

You may be prone to seeking affirmation and validation through whimsical romantic affairs. You may also seek approval or release through romantic liaisons that don’t evolve into more serious committed relationships.

You nurture others through your unique creativity and optimistic style. When you want to show someone you love them, you’ll try to cheer them up or entertain them.

Ceres in the 6th house

With Ceres in the Sixth House, you find nurturing and comfort by sticking to regular routines. Having a plan and schedule helps you to nurture your roots.

You are detail oriented and love to be of service to others. You can be helpful and attentive both to those you care about and even to people you don’t know.

Your work may involve a caregiving role as part of your standard routines. You can be nurturing in practical ways. You may work or volunteer to work in roles that involve caring for others’ nutritional, financial or other physical needs.

Work involving healthcare, organizing or cleaning can be fulfilling and nurturing for you. You are able to express your caring and compassionate nature through daily acts of kindness and generosity toward others.

You have an instinct for understanding how to respond to others’ needs and automatically think of ways to make others feel comfortable by attending to small details and routines.

Ceres in the 7th house

Your nurturing style leads you to balance your needs with the needs of others.

You always seek fairness and balance and won’t feel comfortable unless the vulnerable around you are cared for. As a result you take it upon yourself to tend to the needs of those who are disadvantaged.

You are also nurtured by artistic and beautiful surroundings, art and music. You can easily be calmed and soothed by the arts. When you love others, you try to elevate them and create balance in their lives.

You try to ease their mind and will go out of your way to minimize any drama or conflict. You may even become a bit of a people pleaser trying to nurture others.

Your nurturing style can be subtle and graceful, you don’t like to be too direct or come across as domineering over others.

Ceres in the 8th house

You seek nurturing through transformation, initiation and power.

You find ritual and occult studies to be nurturing during times of crisis. If you can find power and confidence even as you go through difficult circumstances, you’ll feel more fulfilled.

You nurture others in an intense way that can border on obsessive. You’ll research high and low to find the best ways to help those you care about.

You also have an instinctive, intuitive sense of what others need in order to experience important transformation or initiation. You are drawn to those who need deep, regenerative healing. You nurture others based on your own experiences of hardship or loss.

Your nurturing style is dramatic and authoritative and you don’t let anything dissuade you from providing for your loved ones. You may nurture others by helping them find their true power.

Ceres in the 9th house

Your seek nurturing through broadening your mind and spirituality.

When you are stressed out or troubled, you turn to books, philosophy and spirituality to find comfort and nurturing. You try to expand your mind and make meaning out of difficult situations.

If you can find purpose and greater meaning you’ll feel more fulfilled. You also have the potential to be pleasure seeking and to nurture yourself by taking dramatic risks.

You are nurtured by exploring cultures and beliefs from various places and times and may feel fulfilled if you can see challenges as opportunities to grow. You may feel like your early religious teachings filled a void in your life.

You may also change your beliefs in order to find deeper meaning over time. You have faith not only in spirituality but also in the scientific process and will often explore metaphysical teachings when you need nurturing.

You may be drawn to practices like yoga, tai chi or even occult practices to fuel your mind, body and spirit.

Ceres in the 10th house

You seek nurturing through achievement and career success.

You may turn to work when you’re feeling stressed. During times of crisis you may find comfort in your job stability. You may also tie your purpose to your career path.

This can help you cope but can also become a distraction if you avoid your problems and focus only on trappings of success. You may find more comfort and soothing from staying busy than from actually trying to relax.

Even when you feel hardships or face challenges, you feel satisfied because you know these experiences refine your strength. You believe in a degree of tough love, even toward yourself.

When you care about others you seek nurturing for yourself and them through creating stability and security. You may also look to the past and to traditions to find nurturing and comfort during difficult times.

Ceres in the 11th house

You seek nurturing through groups of friends and organizations.

You find purpose and meaning in organized efforts to create positive social change. Volunteering or serving on boards of nonprofits may be deeply satisfying to you.

It nurtures your spirit to be involved with positive social programs or to be part of larger organizational efforts. You are also nurtured by being an agent of change for society. As a result you invest in studying progressive ideas and groundbreaking movements.

You tend to be nurtured by the energy of the group and you thrive among interesting, like minded people. There are also times you find nurturing and comfort being alone and investing in your creative hobbies.

Your needs for comfort and love may be intense and sudden and coping skills that work in one situation may not work in another, so you may have to experiment with different outlets to help soothe your emotions.

Ceres in the 12th house

Your sense of spirituality and deeper emotional life will often need nurturing.

You may put too much emphasis on practical matters. One of the biggest lessons about nurturing you need to embrace is to validate your need for purpose and for a rich inner world.

Your imagination, spirituality and intimate connections with others can provide nurturing but you may overlook the importance of these areas of your life. You need to nurture your deep sense of intuition and compassion for others.

Your sensitivity can be so strong that you avoid facing your deeper feelings and emotions. Nurturing this aspect of your life can help you embrace your feelings and help others undergo deeper spiritual healing.

You may seek nurturing by delving into the arts, spirituality and transcendental experiences to overcome limited thinking. When you feel like you are expanding beyond limitations and definition and reconnecting with your spiritual nature, you feel most secure and recharged.

Your psychic tendencies can be a source of reassurance and nurturing as well. You may seek nurturing through distractions before recalling your deeper spiritual connection.

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