True Lunar Node and Ceres aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your sense of purpose influence your nurturing style?

    By 12andus

    True Lunar Node-Ceres-Harm.jpg True Lunar Node conjunct Ceres in the birth chart

    You have a compulsive drive to follow your intuition. When you strive toward your purpose you also bring nurturing to others.

    Your ultimate destiny is intertwined with your role as a caretaker and nurturer. You may have to stretch outside of your comfort zone in pursuit of your higher mission. When you do this, you’re also coming into your power as a caring, nurturing person.

    Your destiny may be connected to the path of someone you’re charged with caring for. Satisfying your mission to show love and compassion for others helps you become more confident in your purpose at large.

    You may be set on a path that requires you to make yourself become comfortable tending to the needs of others. When you need to find nurturing, you follow your intuition even if it challenges your sense of security.

    True Lunar Node sextile Ceres in the birth chart

    Your purpose and destiny provide a clear path to help you nurture those you love.

    When you are following your intuitive inner guidance, you can easily show others love and compassion. You may also feel compelled to be the nurturer even when it is uncomfortable.

    Breaking out of your comfort zone helps you explore deeper levels of love and compassion. Your desire to fulfill your purpose brings you closer to satisfying your purpose.

    When you need nurturing you can look to your intuition and sense of destiny to help you fulfill your role as a caregiver.

    True Lunar Node square Ceres in the birth chart

    Your destiny and purpose motivate you to work harder to show your nurturing style.

    Even when you want to be more open and compassionate, you may struggle to get outside of your comfort zone and show your vulnerability.

    When you follow the compulsion to show your love and affection even when it’s uncomfortable, you will also find the motivation to grow personally and strengthen your bond to others.

    Challenging yourself to advance personally also helps you to show deeper nurturing to those you love.

    True Lunar Node trine Ceres in the birth chart

    Your desire to be a nurturer helps you to easily break out of your comfort zone.

    Your sense of purpose and destiny are closely linked to your nurturing power and role as a loving caretaker. You will go to great lengths to show others you love them.

    Following your instinct to express your love for others also helps you to fulfill your own mission. Sometimes when you are acting in your own best interest, you naturally help others to find their purpose and power.

    True Lunar Node opposite Ceres in the birth chart

    Your sense of purpose may seem to lead you away from those you most want to nurture.

    This can lead you to believe you can’t pursue both your greater destiny and your need to nurture your loved ones. This is a false dichotomy, though.

    It will take some balance and greater confidence in yourself, but you are able to find ways to tend to your path and follow your destiny without losing connection with those you love.

    You don’t have to choose between what is best for you and what will best help you care for those close to you, but you may need reminders of the need for balance between these extremes.

    When you seek nurturing, you may need to step back from your ambitions and connection not others and try to re-evaluate your purpose. Be keeping your perspective, you can find the compassion you need to nurture your loved ones and pursue your destiny.

    True Lunar Node quincunx Ceres in the birth chart

    Confusion about your purpose and destiny can lead you to confusion about how to best nurture those you care about.

    You may want to show your love and compassion for others but struggle to have confidence in your own sense of direction.

    The more comfortable you are with your own sense of destiny and purpose, the more openly and easily you can share your love and nurture others. You may shift between overinvesting in others and avoiding your role as a nurturer.

    When you have overcome your own insecurities, though, you will be able to show your affection and nurturing in more direct and powerful ways.

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