Synastry Ceres in the other person's houses

Ceres-12-Harm.jpg Synastry Ceres in the other person's 1st house: How do you nurture each other’s strengths and identity?

You easily help each other express your talents and identity. You show each other compassion and acceptance without conditions.

Ceres person is nurturing and supportive, acting like a mother-figure who helps House 1 person express House 1 person's individual nature.

House 1 person helps Ceres person share their nurturing and compassion with others. Each brings out the best in each other. Ceres person helps House 1 person nurture and care for their physical needs. Ceres person may also help House 1 person find greater compassion and acceptance of their body, healing body image issues.

House 1 person helps Ceres person to show their unique personality and follow their ambition. Ceres person may come into House 1 person's life when House 1 person is making an important step toward fulfilling personal goals and needs someone to nurture them as they show their strengths and come to full acceptance of their identity.

Synastry Ceres in the other person's 2nd house: How do you nurture each other’s values?

You both bring out each other’s values and integrity. You help each other find security.

Ceres person helps House 2 person by bringing compassion, love and nurturing, encouraging House 2 person to generate abundance. House 2 person reciprocates by helping to ground Ceres person.

You may be quite successful if you have shared financial interests as your values easily align. Ceres person feels understood by House 2 person. House 2 person's need for stability and abundance is reinforced by Ceres person's nurturing and supportive nature.

Ceres person never second guesses House 2 person's boundaries or values and shows respect whenever House 2 person draws a line. House 2 person feels like they have found a nurturing and caring parent in their relationship with Ceres person as Ceres person is always trying to help House 2 person live up to their best potential. Ceres person helps House 2 person bring out their talents and beauty.

Synastry Ceres in the other person's 3rd house: How do you communicate your nurturing and love?

You are intellectual and articulate when expressing love for each other.

Ceres person has a more emotionally grounded approach and reminds House 3 person of the importance of fulfilling their deeper emotional needs. House 3 person helps Ceres person explain their feelings and express their nurturing energy through verbal and written communication.

House 3 person is thoughtful and eloquent where Ceres person is loving and sentimental. Both help each other to feel at home especially when among friends or in educational settings.

House 3 person feels like they can talk to Ceres person about anything and Ceres person is always accommodating and accepting of House 3 person's ideas, encouraging their intellectual gifts. House 3 person helps Ceres person explain how they feel and may also be instrumental in helping Ceres person learn new skills or discover new interests.

House 3 person can also expand Ceres person's sense of community and meet new friends and contacts.

Synastry Ceres in the other person's 4th house: How do you nurture each other’s sense of home and security?

You have a deeply emotionally nurturing, loving relationship.

Ceres person feels right at home with House 4 person and feels like they can tell House 4 person all their deepest and most intimate secrets. House 4 person sees Ceres person as a positive nurturer. Ceres person may remind House 4 person of early nurturers such as mother or mother figures.

Even if there was a conflicted relationship between House 4 person and early nurturing figures, those wounds can be healed now through the relationship between House 4 person and Ceres person.

Ceres person knows how to speak to House 4 person's deep inner emotions.

House 4 person makes Ceres person feel comfortable and cared for. You both may feel like the world disappears when you are together and it is just the two of you, even in a crowded room. You instinctively understand each other and have an intuitive and powerful bond.

Synastry Ceres in the other person's 5th house: How do you nurture each other’s need for playfulness and joy?

You have a strong connection expressed through creativity and playfulness.

Ceres person sees House 5 person's potential for creativity and artistic expression and nurtures House 5 person's talents. House 5 person sees Ceres person as a caring mentor. Because Ceres person nurtures House 5 person's potential, House 5 person may pursue a recreational hobby and refine their creative gifts.

You both know how to bring out the fun and playful side in each other. House 5 person's inner child is nurtured by Ceres person. Ceres person is reminded of fun and frivolity and this recharges Ceres person.

You may remind each other of what brings each of you joy and pleasure. If the relationship is a casual affair, you’ll encourage each other’s sexual playfulness and exploration.

Ceres person shows unconditional love for House 5 person and House 5 person reminds Ceres person to not take themselves so seriously.

Synastry Ceres in the other person's 6th house: How do you nurture each other’s work and routines?

You have a sensible approach to nurturing each other.

Ceres person looks after House 6 person to make sure House 6 person is eating healthy, on time and always prepared. This relationship can help enhance both of your routines and your sense of duty and work.

House 6 person helps Ceres person stay organized and on task. House 6 person notices every detail of Ceres person's needs. House 6 person and Ceres person both work together to make sure each other are healthy. Both nurture the practical aspects of this relationship and practical details in each other’s lives.

House 6 person may take Ceres person to task if Ceres person isn’t paying attention to the details of their own wellness and personal needs, but the intention is always to be helpful. Both help each other solve practical problems.

Synastry Ceres in the other person's 7th house: How do you nurture the balance and love in this relationship?

You both nurture each other in a balanced and harmonious way.

You may act as partners and connect with each other on a deep and emotional level, trying to nurture each other. Both try to bring out the best in each other.

Ceres person knows how to nurture House 7 person without being overbearing and dominating. House 7 person knows instinctively how to reciprocate. Though House 7 person tends to be more intellectual than Ceres person, House 7 person will meet Ceres person on their level.

When Ceres person becomes more emotional and vulnerable in showing their love and affection, House 7 person will go more deeply into their own emotions and meet Ceres person with affection and vulnerability.

You may give each other healing and compassionate advice on partnerships and relationship and through this partnership both Ceres person and House 7 person learns to be more compassionate and nurturing.

Synastry Ceres in the other person's 8th house: How do you nurture each other’s potential for deep, powerful transformation?

You both play a powerful role in each other’s lives.

Ceres person nurtures House 8 person through a dramatic change and may show up in House 8 person's life during a time when release and healing are needed on a very deep level.

Ceres person may be like a midwife who helps House 8 person through a period of personal rebirth, also nurturing them through loss and hardship.

House 8 person shows Ceres person dedication, commitment and loyalty and can help Ceres person develop their confidence and power on a profound level. House 8 person helps Ceres person shed past fears and heal from past wounds.

This relationship may be dramatic and intense but it is always benevolent. Whether lovers or mentors, you change each others lives in profound ways. You help each other discover your deeper power and authority.

Synastry Ceres in the other person's 9th house: How do you nurture each other’s ideals?

You have an idealistic and spiritual bond to each other.

Ceres person helps House 9 person to expand their mind and to maintain compassion and nurturing even as House 9 person delves into exploration of philosophy and spirituality.

House 9 person finds Ceres person loving, compassionate and accepting. This helps House 9 person feel more confident to pursue their dreams and higher goals. Ceres person's faith in House 9 person is unwavering.

Ceres person believes in House 9 person's power and influence and will follow House 9 person's lead and expand their own mind and beliefs.

Ceres person is helped to see beyond the immediate limitations. House 9 person helps Ceres person remember their ideals and higher vision in addition to expressing their love and compassion.

Ceres person can open their mind and heal their wounds with the help of House 9 person's spiritual and philosophical perspective.

Synastry Ceres in the other person's 10th house: How do you nurture each other’s career and reputation?

You help each other succeed in career and enhance each other’s reputations.

Ceres person nurtures House 10 person's career path and helps House 10 person see their full potential. Ceres person can bring out House 10 person's compassionate and sensitive nature, helping House 10 person become more caring and sentimental toward colleagues and employees.

House 10 person shows Ceres person how to find the path to success in career. Ceres person may be more concerned about making others feel good. As a result Ceres person may overlook the importance of nurturing their own career path or reputation. House 10 person helps Ceres person find grounding and security in career.

Ceres person may be a mentor who helps to nurture House 10 person's talents. Ceres person recognizes House 10 person's potential in career and helps them achieve success. You both look out for each other’s best interest and help to promote each other publicly.

Synastry Ceres in the other person's 11th house: How do you nurture each other’s progressive change and idealism?

You both nurture each other’s dramatic changes in intense and erratic ways.

Ceres person nurtures House 11 person and helps House 11 person create breakthroughs and progressive change in their life. House 11 person may need a gentle nudge from Ceres person in order to get outside of their own comfort zone.

House 11 person helps Ceres person break out of routines and make needed changes. Your styles may be unorthodox and there can be something unusual about your connection to each other.

Still, you understand each other on an instinctive level. House 11 person may see Ceres person as being as close as family. Ceres person is considerate and accepting and this reassures House 11 person.

House 11 person may see Ceres person as a loving, guiding force. Both Ceres person and House 11 person help each other expand their social network and follow their convictions.

Synastry Ceres in the other person's 12th house: How do you nurture your deep emotional and spiritual healing?

You share a spiritually based and deeply emotional bond.

Ceres person helps House 12 person by nurturing their spiritual connection and guiding them through difficult emotional issues. Ceres person helps House 12 person resolve deeper emotional wounds.

House 12 person helps Ceres person get in touch with their own spiritual side. House 12 person also helps Ceres person show their compassion on a broader level. House 12 person helps Ceres person look at the deeper spiritual connections in their life.

Ceres person can help House 12 person work through emotional wounds and traumas, helping House 12 person find the truth rather than getting lost in illusions.

House 12 person can bring a sense of fantasy, romance and compassion to the relationship and helps soothe Ceres person's emotions. Ceres person may act as a surrogate caretaker and help House 12 person overcome past wounds related to connections with their primary nurturer, such as mother or mother figure.

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