Transiting Saturn on natal Ceres

    By 12andus

    Saturn-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Ceres

    This is an important time to show nurturing to others in practical ways.

    Those you love may be experiencing restrictions or hardship, or your ability to set boundaries and remain firm may be keys to showing love and compassion now.

    Your tough love style is exactly what people around you need and even your harsh delivery doesn’t diminish the security others feel around you now. You can get your point across and make others feel safe and secure even when you face restrictions and limitations.

    You may feel confined or unable to be as expressive of your love and nurturing as you would like during this time. Yet you will make your efforts count and others will see you as dependable.

    You may find your own nurturing and fulfillment from returning to your roots or from your connection to your elders during this time.

    Transiting Saturn sextile natal Ceres

    Your compassion and nurturing are easily channeled through your tough love style. You may find fulfillment from connecting with the past or with your heritage.

    You will also find opportunities to help others feel grounded and protected, helping those you love become anchored to a strong foundation now.

    This is an important time to set a solid foundation and boundaries in your relationships. Others will appreciate knowing your limits and may feel more nurtured because of your high standards now.

    Transiting Saturn square natal Ceres

    During this time you may go through a harsh catalyst that challenges your sense of nurturing and compassion.

    Your lesson and difficulty now will be to work through the challenges and limitations that surround you while maintaining your compassion and nurturing energy toward others.

    You may have to clarify your boundaries or insist on setting a firm foundation rather than being as generous as you would like to be. Your rules and limits will make you more effective as a provider and nurturer in the long run.

    Transiting Saturn trine natal Ceres

    This is an easy time for you to express your conscientious, caring and loving nature with discipline, love and restraint.

    Though you easily help to provide for others and nurture their foundation, you may be called to help others find stability and grounding during difficult times.

    You may be like a solid pillar now and others will lean on you for emotional support and perspective. Your wisdom is tied to your own frugality and sense of authority and security now.

    Transiting Saturn opposite natal Ceres

    This is a difficult time for you to express your nurturing style. You may have to be the harsh disciplinarian who sets down the rules when you would rather be the warm nurturer.

    Your desire to be generous and show your empathic, caring side may be outweighed by your need to be firm and unyielding, for the best interest of your loved ones.

    Your harsh boundaries or the importance of giving someone you love harsh feedback may make you feel like an adversary when you’re really trying to be supportive and compassionate.

    You may feel uncomfortable facing some challenging aspect of your past or heritage that stands in the way of your sense of emotional security and fulfillment during this time.

    Transiting Saturn quincunx natal Ceres

    You may have to face some deeper insecurities related to your sense of stability and security before you are able to express your deeper, compassionate nature.

    Your emotional fulfillment may be at odds with your desire to have control and feel grounded now.

    This is an important time to become more confident in your boundaries and express your nurturing energy and love for others, even if it means facing difficult emotional lessons and overcoming Karmic issues first.

    You may go to extremes at first, acting too cold and detached and then sidestepping practicality and trying to use gifts and financial help to make others feel better, before you finally come to a secure middle ground.

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