Transiting Lilith on natal Ceres

By 12andus

Lilith-Ceres-Harm.jpg Transiting Lilith conjunct natal Ceres

During this time your independent, edgy nature is exactly what is needed to validate and uplift those around you.

Even your staunch independence and refusal to compromise will serve as a form of healing and nurturing. Both for you and those you love. At this time, you are able to show your creativity and confidence because you care more about showing your authentic nature than you do about impressing others.

Ironically, those around you will see you as caring and compassionate and appreciate your raw, edgy nature as a measure of authenticity. Your honesty and refusal to compromise will feel like it’s just what the doctor ordered and help to set others’ minds at ease.

You can express your love and compassion for others with ease during this time. Just being true to yourself is all you need to do.

Transiting Lilith sextile natal Ceres

This is an easy time to show your loving and compassionate nature. You easily nurture others through your raw, independent style.

Even when you act in your own self interest, you are also naturally sharing your compassion and nurturing energy with others.

You can show your love and compassion in unconventional ways, breaking all the rules yet getting your message across with ease during this time. Your creativity and powerful emotions can help to empower those around you now.

Transiting Lilith square natal Ceres

You have the potential to nurture and care for others now but your desire for independence and autonomy may unintentionally sabotage your chances.

You may have to struggle to fulfill your mission when it comes to showing others you care now. Your desire for control may lead you to push others away or manipulate others rather than show your true compassion and love now.

Your sexual expression and courage to be yourself can help others feel your love and care during this time.

Transiting Lilith trine natal Ceres

You easily show your compassion and nurturing for others by being true to your edgy, independent nature.

Your open acceptance of others, especially of their creativity and sexuality, can come across as empowering. This is a powerful time to express your true ambition and courage. Doing so can help to validate the emotions of those around you.

You may also feel that the best possible way to care for yourself is to be true to your sexual and independent nature and to do what is best for you during this time.

Transiting Lilith opposite natal Ceres

During this time, your desire for freedom and independence runs counter to your desire to nurture and care for others.

You may feel the need to choose between your autonomy and your obligation to nurture others. By working through fears of losing control, you will be able to express your caring and empathic side.

You may wrestle with whether your needs are more important and should take precedent over the needs of others. Yet you don’t actually have to choose. It is more important to try to hold a balance between nurturing yourself and nurturing those you care about now.

Your style may be raw and emotional but you can show your compassion and love during this time if you first honestly face your deeper fears.

Transiting Lilith quincunx natal Ceres

During this time you’ll have to make major adjustments to balance your desire for independence and power with your obligation to nurture others.

You may go to extremes to avoid your responsibility for others’ emotional well being during this time. Instead of feeling like you have to choose between your will and the needs of others, you can instead focus on enhancing your confidence and power and building greater comfort trusting your instincts while also showing your love and nurturing for others.

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