Ceres transiting in the natal houses

Ceres-12-Harm.jpg Ceres transiting in the 1st house

During this time you may find it easier to convey your compassionate and nurturing side. Even your appearance may become more friendly and nurturing, reminding others of a parental figure.

This is an important time to outwardly convey your compassion and nurturing side and showing your sensitivity and concern for others’ emotional contentment. This is also a time to nurture yourself by addressing your physical needs and pampering yourself.

You may seek things like a spa visit, massage or a change in your wardrobe or appearance as a means of nurturing yourself and prioritizing your emotional well being. You may need to express your compassionate side more openly now as well.

Find ways to share your compassion and caring energy through displays of affection. Show your willingness to show love and empathy with others now. Wearing your heart on your sleeve can make it easier for others to find solace and comfort in your presence.

Ceres transiting in the 2nd house

During this time, you long for comfort and nurturing more than anything else. You place as high a value on emotional wellness and self care as you do to work and other aspects of your life.

You may put your focus into nurturing others during this time. You show your love for others through nurturing their practical and physical needs now.

Your finances and financial stability are also enhanced now in part because of your compassionate connection to others. You may have the chance to nurture key connections in your network that lead to financial growth and abundance.

You may then use this abundance generated to show your love and affection to others. You may be able to act as a benevolent mentor or help others to feel comfortable and at home because you share your wealth and resources with them.

Ceres transiting in the 3rd house

During this time you are likely to nurture others’ ideas and communication.

Your soft and compassionate side may emerge to foster intellectual understanding and deeper empathy with others. Your communication style is more encouraging, emotional and soothing during this time.

You may encourage others to grow particularly in intellectual pursuits and writing. This is a good time to nurture your relationships with neighbors, siblings, cousins and peers.

You may be more outgoing, nurturing and inspiring to others. You’ll find ways to build others up with your words. You may also find this time to be beneficial when it comes to writing and journaling as a means of nurturing and self expression.

Your desire for intellectual connection may lead you to pursue learning. As you further your education you may feel a deep sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Ceres transiting in the 4th house

During this time you may feel like nurturing others by treating those around you like family. Wherever you go, you may easily create a sense of home and connection with others.

You may need to find greater fulfilment and emotional satisfaction by spending more time at home or a place you consider to be like home now.

You may also need to find greater personal fulfillment through deepening your connections with family and loved ones. You may feel more strongly nurtured and grounded in your home or in the presence of your family.

Your desire to care for others is clearly felt and you make others feel at home. Those you love may also see you as a parental figure or nurturer during this time. You may help others develop a stronger sense of compassion toward those you see as family now as well.

Ceres transiting in the 5th house

During this time you may need to be more deeply nurtured through creativity, fun and artistic endeavors.

You may also help others to feel emotional secure and nurtured through your creativity and artistic nature during this time.

You are likely to have an easier time feeling comfortable and at home expressing your artistic and creative talents. Even your competitive nature is fostered but in a good natured way. You may find greater emotional security and fulfillment through performance, artistic expression and through engaging in fun leisure activities with friends and loved ones.

Even a light and flirtatious affair can be a source of fun and enjoyment now but also fulfilling your need for emotional commitment now. You may be uplifted in a connection that isn’t too serious but which ignites your playful side during this time.

Ceres transiting in the 6th house

During this time you can easily find comfort and nurturing through your daily tasks and routines. Even the most mundane activities can feel deeply rewarding now.

Your desire to nurture others may be expressed in your desire to help others find more satisfying, efficient ways to go about their normal routines. You may have the urge to zero in on your loved ones and encourage them to eat healthy, exercise and organize their schedules and routines.

You will also find greater emotional satisfaction and be able to soothe your emotions by remaining on task and paying attention to your need for perfection and control.

The more you stay on task, the more you will feel centered and in control. This is highly reassuring to you now. You may pay closer attention to the details of your home and work routines and find greater nurturing and comfort by sticking to your agenda.

Ceres transiting in the 7th house

During this time you look to partners and significant others to find comfort and security. You may be encouraged to learn about your Shadow side by seeing your self mirrored back through your relationships.

You may be extra affectionate and show your compassionate side more intensely to your partner or people who act as partners in business or personal life. This is a time to seek stronger connections in your partnerships.

You may find greater strength in your connection to others and seek partnerships to balance out your natural abilities now.

You can help your partner feel more at ease and at home now. You may look to partnerships for stability and emotional fulfillment now. This is a good time to foster stronger relationships with personal, romantic or business partners in your life.

Your emotions are set at ease by the encouragement of others. Even if you are outgoing and friendly, you will thrive at your best in partnerships now.

This is also a time when a romantic partner becomes more nurturing and attentive to your emotional needs.

Ceres transiting in the 8th house

During this time, you may feel nurtured by an intense exploration of spirituality and the metaphysical realm. Your intuitive connection to the Spiritual realm can lead you to feel more deeply nurtured by your Ancestors in the Spirit realm.

This is an important time for healing and dramatic transformation. Though you need to let go of emotional baggage and become willing to advance and transform, you will find this initiation period to be emotionally satisfying and nurturing rather than troubling.

You may find nurturing through your sense of authority or through greater personal empowerment. You may also find greater nurturing and comfort from shared business plans or combined finances. Financial support from loved ones help create stability for you now.

Ceres transiting in the 9th house

During this time you are most deeply nurtured by expanding your mind.

You may feel compelled to nurture your love of travel or your connection to those from various cultures. This is also a good time to nurture your sense of idealism. You may take your spiritual or philosophical beliefs to a higher level now.

Nurturing your higher beliefs and philosophical ideals will help you find emotional fulfillment now. You may also feel nurtured by expanding your mind. Socializing with new people from different walks of life can be fulfilling for you now as well.

Advanced studies and learning about spiritual practices is a way that you can soothe yourself and find great security and emotional comfort now. During this time you may feel inspired and confident.

You may feel compelled to show your affectionate and nurturing energy to those around you. Whatever brings you pleasure and comfort, you will try to enjoy on a grand scale. You’ll also try to share your abundance with others now.

Ceres transiting in the 10th house

During this time you may feel compelled to nurture your career and public reputation. Your career path may be nurtured by mentors and those who are encouraging you to succeed during this time.

This is also a powerful time to nurture others through your career path. Your popularity, platform or even your sense of mission may lead you to share your nurturing with others on a broader scale.

You may also start to align your career more directly with your desire to nurture others. You may take on work that involves caregiving, nurturing or counseling others.

You may make others feel comfortable and at home in your career path and even colleagues or clients may feel like family because of your affectionate energy during this time.

This is an ideal time to nurture your career development and expand your goals in career by nurturing your relationships to others.

Ceres transiting in the 11th house

During this time you may find greater nurturing through associates, friendships, groups and organizations. Your interests in grassroots campaigns, progressive change and groundbreaking innovations nurture your emotions now.

You may prefer more time alone to tinker with your inventions and indulge in your hobbies during this time. You may feel just as nurtured on your own exploring new innovative topics and humanitarian causes.

You may also feel nurtured by your time organizing with friends and acquaintances. You may need to vacillate between time with the crowd and time alone. Intellectual activities are soothing and comforting to you now.

Your emotions are soothed by excitement and dramatic change. You may find greater comfort with change than with things staying the same. You may find encouragement and inspiration in your friendships with others. This is an important time to nurture your friendships and invest in group activities and grassroots campaigns.

Ceres transiting in the 12th house

During this time you may feel nurtured by deeper emotional healing and your connection with spirituality. You may be drawn toward transformative practices that heighten your spiritual connection.

You find nurturing in your creativity and easily share your compassion with others. You may feel interested in finding ways to transcend your consciousness. Emotional wounds can be healed by sharing deep, affectionate and compassionate connection with others. Your intuitive leanings and interests in humanitarian endeavors will bring you emotional fulfillment now.

You may also feel instinctively attracted to people who share your emotional wounds. Attending support groups or meetings that involve people who share similar wounds and spiritual interests can help you feel more secure. You may feel at home in sacred spaces both indoors and in nature.

You may be able to break out of limiting beliefs and addictive patterns now by nurturing your true emotional needs rather than masking them.

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