Pallas in Aries, Pallas in Taurus, Pallas in Gemini, Pallas in Cancer

pallas.jpg Pallas in Aries

You have a powerful Warrior Spirit and are inclined to easily be roused to want to defend justice.

You quickly make up your mind about what is right and wrong and your sense of righteousness can be intense and unshakeable. You always walk your talk and expect others to live up to the code of morality that you uphold.

Though you try to be strategic and intellectual in your dealings with others, you also have an impulsive and protective streak. You may respond quickly to the perception of threat or oppression.

You may also have a one track mind when it comes to justice and fairness. Rather than evaluating every side of a situation, your instincts tell you what is right and what is wrong.

Your relationship with your father or father figure may have influenced your sense of confidence and justice. You are also able to show great courage in facing your adversaries if you are acting on behalf of those who have been marginalized.

Pallas in Taurus

Your desire for justice is grounded by your cautious nature.

You may need to evaluate how strategic moves to create fairness and equality. You won’t throw your weight around or rush into a dispute. Instead you set a solid foundation layer by layer.

You can be cautious about putting your energy behind a cause or campaign. Yet when you make up your mind and feel you have sufficient information, you will be stubborn and unyielding.

Your desire to bring justice and equality will be concrete. Your focus and causes of importance to you may involve economic justice, healthcare access, and the cause of fairness and justice in food, agriculture and business or banking.

You can be diplomatic but your boundaries are firm. You don’t let emotion or sentimentality influence your decisions. Your desire for justice may be triggered by empathy with others whose struggle would make you feel insecure or unstable financially or personally.

Pallas in Gemini

Your desire to bring justice is influenced by your intellect and diplomatic nature.

You are drawn to campaigns and issues that are related to the right to literacy, education, community security and freedom of speech. You may be passionate about these causes but you don’t fly off the handle.

Instead of letting your emotions rule your actions, you pay attention to information and you try to weigh factors from every side of a debate. You try to use tact and diplomacy to bring justice.

You may also believe that the best way to achieve your goals when it comes to social justice issues is to educate others. You may try to diplomatically engage others in conversation in order to create understanding.

You believe that when people know better, they will do better. You’ll use platforms for sharing information to try to spread the word about important justice issues. You may be an avid writer, speaker or educator who uses these talents to help win others over to your cause.

Pallas in Cancer

Your style of approaching social justice issues is to nurture others who are acting to bring equality and fairness.

You have an intuitive sense of who needs compassion and what causes are worth your fight. Your attention is most likely to go to issues of justice that bring equality and fairness with regards to getting or keeping housing or injustices that primarily impact women and children or families.

You may fight for issues such as ending homelessness, creating affordable housing for families and protecting victims of domestic violence.

Though you can be soft and diplomatic, your strategies are usually based on appealing to the emotions of others, you also have a tenacious side. You’ll become quite clever and assertive when it comes to making a difference and to pursue justice for those you see as marginalized.

You may take on direct action roles if you feel the need to be protective of others. Otherwise, you may try to nurture those in need of protection or use a personable link to try to influence social change.

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