Pallas and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you align your vision and strategies with your career or public image?

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    Pallas-MC-Conj.jpg Pallas conjunct Midheaven in the birth chart

    You can be a strong leader with a powerful vision and sense of right and wrong.

    You easily align your beliefs and ideals. You don’t have to work hard to establish yourself as a mentor or leader. Your visionary strategies help you ascend to positions of power and authority.

    Your career path or public image may involve some forms of advocacy or activism and it’s natural for you to get involved in work that requires you to see the bigger picture and recognize injustices that you then work to resolve.

    Your career path is marked by your easy ability to assert your ideas and stand apart from the crowd as an intellectual and also intuitive visionary. You may recognize patterns that others miss and this can lead you to be successful in business. Even if you are successful, you are usually more concerned with the social impact of your ideas and strategies rather than your own ambitions.

    Pallas sextile Midheaven in the birth chart

    Your intellectual and strategic nature is easily aligned with your career path.

    You naturally rise to the occasion as a spokesperson or advocate. Your potential as a mentor or leader is accentuated by your career path. You may have the perfect platform to share your vision and make positive changes.

    You can also give important issues and campaigns a spotlight because of your public standing or reputation. You aren’t afraid to align yourself publicly with important campaigns or issues involving social justice and fairness.

    You also don’t believe that your opinions on these matters should be kept separate from your work or career. If you are a business owner, you may align your business mission with your personal or justice missions.

    If you are working for a company, you usually consider whether or not your work setting and company reinforces your standards when it comes to justice and fairness.

    Pallas square Midheaven in the birth chart

    Your desire for justice leads you to make strategies or plans that aren’t easily manifested.

    You can be dedicated to a strategy that is impractical or which undermines your work or reputation in some way. Your impulsive nature can work against higher wisdom and intuition in this regard as well.

    You will do better if you find motivation in your desire for justice and change but then also find ways to leverage your status, platform and resources to bring your ideas into action.

    Pallas trine Midheaven in the birth chart

    You easily turn your vision into a successful business or career path.

    Whether you work directly in nonprofit or not, you find ways to enhance your mission through your career path and public standing. You don’t go out in search of status or personal gain. You simply follow your ideals and vision for the future.

    This leads you to lines of work that help you embody your mission. You can also find greater appreciation for the need for justice and social reform because of your exposure to different injustices because of a career path that illuminates more of the picture than you would otherwise see.

    You aren’t content to be successful at the cost of others. Your agenda includes social progress and justice, not just personal success.

    Pallas opposite Midheaven in the birth chart

    You are wise and intellectual but your gifts for strategy tend to shine more at home or in your personal life rather than in your career.

    You may get cold feet when it comes to asserting yourself in public spaces or in your career path. You may prefer to not rock the boat. You don’t easily challenge the status quo in your professional life.

    Yet in your private life you can be a visionary. You may need to become more confident in yourself and your visionary powers so that you can become more of a champion for change and mentor to others in your professional life.

    If you don’t you may undermine your mission and campaign. You may also bypass opportunities to become the leader you could be. You can be a strong influence on others when it comes to matters of injustice but you will first have to make some decisions about your priorities. Your own ambitions may have to take a back seat to the strategies for justice and change that you could promote.

    Pallas quincunx Midheaven in the birth chart

    You can be a strong visionary with concerns for social justice and other important issues.

    Yet until you become more confident in yourself, you’ll simply run in circles chasing your visions and undermining your own progress. You may become more of a mentor or leader after you’ve overcome personal blocks and insecurities.

    Your own healing or recovery process can lead to greater connection to advocacy or activism work that benefits others. You can be a keen visionary as long as you don’t sabotage yourself.

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