True Lunar Node and Pallas aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you share a sense of purpose and vision?

True Lunar Node-Pallas-Conj.jpg True Lunar Node and Pallas conjunct in the synastry chart

You easily have a strong connection through your shared sense of vision. True Lunar Node person sees Pallas person's gifts for strategy and intellect as an asset, bringing them closer to fulfilling their purpose.

Pallas person is inspired by True Lunar Node person's ability to embrace their purpose even during times of uncertainty.

When the two of you team up over a shared mission or to pursue a shared dream, you can both be passionate and committed to your cause. You also may both see your mission as an extension of yourselves and part of your identity.

This doesn’t create problems, though. If anything, it gives the relationship a more solid bond and connects you on a deeper level.

True Lunar Node trine, sextile or semi-sextile Pallas in the synastry chart

You easily understand the need for a strong purpose and vision.

Both True Lunar Node person and Pallas person have a strong commitment to a shared ambition which may also coincide with their commitment to each other.

True Lunar Node person may come to see their plans and vision more clearly with the help of Pallas person. Pallas person may serve as a mentor for True Lunar Node person, helping them to find their purpose and mission.

True Lunar Node person may see Pallas person as a brilliant guide or leader while Pallas person is inspired by True Lunar Node person's personality and sees them as instrumental to fulfilling their own mission in some way.

True Lunar Node opposite, square or semi-square Pallas in the synastry chart

You may each have a strong sense of purpose or mission, but your styles collide rather than aligning.

True Lunar Node person may feel that Pallas person is too domineering because Pallas person always has a solution and strategy and easily takes the lead. Pallas person's guidance may steer True Lunar Node person away from the path they instinctively feel they must walk down.

Until Pallas person and True Lunar Node person find a way to collaborate effectively, finding common ground and bridging the distance between their different aims and unique styles, this couple will clash over personal differences which may be minor when all things are considered.

If True Lunar Node person can come to see Pallas person as helping them reach their purpose and Pallas person can find ways to help True Lunar Node person organize their mission into a successful plan without being too domineering.

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