Transiting Mars on natal Pallas

    By 12andus

    Mars-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Mars conjunct natal Pallas

    During this time it is possible to become more assertive and proactive about your goals.

    Strategies and plans you thought about or envisioned take on a new urgency. You may now have the passion and intense focus you need to put your plans in to action or to pursue your mission.

    You may be more assertive and direct with others now. You can inspire the confidence in those around you by showing your courageous and passionate nature. You may have greater clarity and focus about what is most important to you and having your top priorities in mind will help you easily persuade others to buy into your vision and support your goals.

    You may fully embody your mission now and everything about you from the way you present yourself to the way you invest your time and energy can be an extension of your passions and your mission.

    You can succeed and advance and also act as a mentor to others quite easily now as well. Taking the lead and showing your assertive and focused energy can help promote your mission.

    Transiting Mars sextile natal Pallas

    During this time you easily assert your views and may be moved to become active in certain causes.

    Your activism may have an urgent, protective or militant feeling but your enthusiasm is contagious, and you easily win people over to your cause now. You may also have a chance to lead a committee or campaign. Though you spearhead an initiative by focusing your energies on sharing your bigger vision, you may not seek the spotlight for your own recognition or glory.

    Instead you are committed to your cause and to empowering the people involved in your campaign.

    Transiting Mars square natal Pallas

    During this time you may have an intense desire to be part of a campaign or action to bring about justice or progress.

    Yet your actions and vision don’t quite align. You may undermine your larger mission by acting out of ego or pursuing your own ambitions instead of being grounded in the campaign or mission you are trying to promote.

    It may take some adjustment now for you to find a way to communicate your vision and make sure your mission is understood and embraced by others, or else power struggles or conflicts can ensue.

    Transiting Mars trine natal Pallas

    You easily show your passion and enthusiasm for your mission.

    Your desire to be part of a progressive campaign for social change is intense now. You can easily promote your ideas and your vision. Even though you’re passions are high and you’re ready for a fight if one arises, you likely won’t need to be on the defensive now.

    Instead, you can channel your creative and fiery energy to making progress on your goals based on using your wit and intelligence to plan the best strategies for success. Appealing to the excitement and enthusiasm of others is helpful now as well.

    Transiting Mars opposite natal Pallas

    During this time you may have an intense desire and drive to be part of a movement for justice or fight for progress.

    Or you may just want to fight for the sake of fighting. Your strategies and vision may run counter to the actions you undertake. Don’t confuse your mission with the desire to lash out at those who you perceive as your adversary.

    Things aren’t as concrete as they may seem and if you see things only in black and white terms now, you may miss important opportunities to make your ideas known in an effective way.

    Work through the desire to dominate others with your intense nature and obsession with success. Instead, work on ways you can enlist the support of others and rally others around your cause.

    Transiting Mars quincunx natal Pallas

    You may feel intensely compelled to pursue a cause or mission now.

    Yet adjustments may need to be made so that you can channel your energy in the right direction. This is a good time to work on establishing confidence and security so that you can rise to the occasion and be part of the mission or campaign that is important to you.

    You may also need to work through your desires for personal gain or recognition and focus on the agenda at hand rather than confusing your personal and progressive goals now.

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