Transiting Pallas on natal Saturn

    By 12andus

    Saturn-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Pallas conjunct natal Saturn

    Be patient now. Progress is actually happening and the mission or campaign close to your heart is taking shape.

    Yet your progress may be slow moving and involve tedious steps. Nevertheless, you have great insight now and can easily see the most practical ways to connect the dots, ensuring your success in finance and career matters or in fundraising for your favorite campaigns or organizations.

    You may also have a new vision that helps you evolve the entire framework for a business, charity or mission that serves a practical purpose. You may come to see finances and economics in a new way now too, understanding how the different pieces fit together to ensure you are not only personally successful but also fulfilling your obligation to society and uplifting others.

    During this time you can clearly see how the seeds of needed change and advancement were planted in the past and how traditions contributed to the reform you currently need to initiate or be a part of.

    Transiting Pallas sextile natal Saturn

    During this time you can easily share your ideas and strategies for success in business and finances with others.

    Those around you buy into your mission and you can start to set the foundation for what will be a successful campaign or business plan. You can easily find allies who will help bring your vision into reality.

    Though you can be completely focused on the business at hand, you don’t burn yourself out because your efforts are clearly paying off and bringing you closer to your ideals now.

    Transiting Pallas square natal Saturn

    You can try to create a new framework or foundation for your mission, business or campaign now but the deck is stacked against you in some way.

    Your goals are still possible but an adjustment needs to be made. Your timing may be off or you may be trying to build too much too fast. If you adjust your plan and weigh your strategies against the resources at your disposal, you’ll see that you are close to your best plans coming to fruition but only if some adaptations are made.

    During this time you may need to rethink or realign your plans so that you can work within the confines of some restrictions that limit your success.

    With time, however, you will be able to navigate through these issues and find the success you need in manifesting your goals.

    Transiting Pallas trine natal Saturn

    During this time you can easily plan your strategies and campaigns and can count on the framework you have established.

    Your efforts pay off now and your success may exceed your expectations. You have created the exact stability you needed and in doing so, you are assured your mission will be a success.

    Your concerns about advancing in career, business, financial security or in promoting a mission for change and justice are channeled through your wit and rationality and turned into realistic goals. During this time you may find that you are tackling these goals and becoming successful through your consistent effort.

    Transiting Pallas opposite natal Saturn

    During this time, the structure and security you were hoping for falls short. Rather than feeling like your mission is supported, you may face restrictions.

    You may try to battle against the limitations or restrictions to your goals now, but in doing so you may undercut your bigger vision and lose the support you needed. Instead, try to work on ways to scale back and re-evaluate your foundation and ideals.

    It may take some work, but you can realign your mission with the resources at your disposal rather than burning the candle at both ends or pushing for an idealistic but unrealistic fantasy. You can come away successful having made some adjustments that bring your dreams and resources into balance.

    Authority figures or institutions whose support you need may instead present as obstacles or roadblocks now. Rather than bumping heads with those in power, try to adjust your message so that you are working around the obstacles on your path now.

    Transiting Pallas quincunx natal Saturn

    During this time you may feel frustration and friction as you try to enact your strategies and plans.

    Your mission may be thwarted less by the people around you but more by your own insecurities or challenges when it comes to making the best of your resources. Old patterns and fears related to scarcity may lead you to undermine your own goals and ambitions now.

    This is a good time to put the brakes on your plans and instead of trying to forge ahead you may be better off re-establishing your own foundation. Your mission will only be as solid as you are and you may need to do some work to create the stability you need in order for your vision to become reality.

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