Transiting Pallas on natal Uranus

By 12andus

Uranus-Pallas-Conj.jpg Transiting Pallas conjunct natal Uranus

During this time you may feel strongly about your vision and your convictions. You may also feel you are on a radical mission.

You’ll want to act as a leader and employ your intellect and creativity as an agent for profound change now. Your mission or campaign may help others by instigating dramatic and profound change.

You may feel intensely connected to a radical mission for change and your vision is more futuristic now as well. Your intuition and instincts are profoundly attuned now and your intellectual skills are intense and quickly work to help you create strategies that will help you succeed now.

Though unexpected twists and turns can lead to problems when you try to bring your vision into reality, you may be easily able to roll with the changes and find options that work even better than your original plans now. You can easily find breakthroughs that help you manifest your goals even if the process seems like a rollercoaster now.

Transiting Pallas sextile natal Uranus

During this time you can easily find your best strategies and vision for justice and positive changes.

You may bring unexpected and unusual strategies and plans to the table. Your mission and crusade are a top priority for you now and you may devote your intellectual and creative skills to helping to promote a vision for change and growth.

You aren’t afraid to shock people and present unusual ideas now. You may also have a more radical approach and yet your allies and friends are able to stand behind your dreams and goals now.

Transiting Pallas square natal Uranus

Friction and tension can be abundant now as your bigger vision and ambitions are thwarted by unexpected twists and turns.

You may feel like you’re running into a dead end as you try to bring your vision and campaign forward now. As intense as your commitment to creating change and dramatic reformation may be, this is actually a much better time to step back and try to work through the nuances of your vision and goals rather than jumping in with your full enthusiasm.

Transiting Pallas trine natal Uranus

During this time you may feel compelled to become part of dramatic movements for social change.

You may also embrace more zealous and extreme views and will surround yourself with friends and associates who support your radical vision and mission. During this time you may also easily inspire and mentor those who share your desire for dramatic reform.

Your creativity and intuitive sense of future potential can be key to helping others see the value of your vision and mission now.

Transiting Pallas opposite natal Uranus

During this time you may feel like your friends and associates are working against your bigger vision or at least not being supportive.

This can be a difficult time to manifest your dreams and bigger vision because others are pushing back against your strategies and insights now. You may be confused about how to enlist the help of your friends and associates and becoming more insistent on your zealous ideas now.

Instead of pushing your ideas and mission on others you may have to find new ways to articulate your plans and try to meet others halfway. The more you show your intensity and dedication the more it may actually intimidate others and scare away potential allies.

This is an important time for you to get clear on your individual ideals and vision so that you can promote your mission and strategies without taking others’ confusion or lack of support personally.

Transiting Pallas quincunx natal Uranus

During this time you can find it challenging to speak your mind and promote your vision.

Though you are usually not one to stumble when it comes to getting your vision and ideas across, during this time you may find that insecurities and challenges from the past are interfering with your mission in unexpected and unusual ways.

During this time you may need to make some adjustments to your ideals so that you can convey your message and clarify your goals. When you do, you’ll be better able to express your vision and enlist others to support your campaign.

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