Juno in Leo, Juno in Virgo, Juno in Libra, Juno in Scorpio

juno.jpg Juno in Leo

You have a knack for being attracted to potential lifelong partners who seem to offer excitement or status or both.

You want your spouse or partner to be the King or Queen in your world. You’ll shower them with gifts and admiration. You’ll also show that you can be more generous and caring than anyone they’ve every known.

You’ll want your partner to be a reflection of yourself. This means you won’t tolerate anything a partner says or does that could harm your reputation. You may be insistent on trying to change a partner who doesn’t fit your image, rather than just accepting them for who they are.

Deep inside though, you’re filled with love and compassion and just want what you believe is best, which is what you would naturally do for yourself. You can be flamboyant and eccentric, going all out to show your love for your partner.

Juno in Virgo

This placement gives you a faithful and devout nature based on your beliefs about purity.

You value your commitments and have a down to earth attitude about your values. Especially when it comes to marriage and partnerships. Though you may be loyal and faithful, you aren’t one to show your love in passionate and dramatic ways.

You prefer to humbly work behind the scenes to support the person you see as your Soul Mate. You are drawn to stability and security. If your partner is not the most admiring or even the most faithful, you will still be quite forgiving.

You may make excuses to justify your fidelity to an unavailable or inconsistent person even though you crave consistency and connection. You can tolerate independence in your relationship but you will also work diligently to try to fix any problems in a partnership.

You make your partner feel loved by nurturing them in many detailed, practical ways.

Juno in Libra

You have a deep desire for partnership and balance and harmony.

Your sense of commitment is easily extended to those who seem to balance out your strengths with your own. You are likely to be completely devoted to a partner who triggers your desire for beauty, peace and pampering.

You prefer to settle down with a partner who is your ideal “opposites attract” partner, in other words, someone who is compatible without being just like you.

You also tend to be faithful and loyal, though you are ok with a relationship that is more distant and intellectual. You look for someone who is loyal as a companion but also need a bit of breathing room when it comes to deeper emotions.

You may attract partners who are flighty or unavailable but even if you do, you’ll try to use your charm and romantic nature to keep their interest. You can become jealous if you think your partner is more attuned to the needs of another.

Juno in Scorpio

Your desire for a lifelong partnership drives you to make intuitive and carefully researched decisions.

You can be intense, yet you are loyal to the end. You expect complete loyalty in exchange as well. You can be sensitive to rejection or infidelity. Your first line of defense is to lash out if you feel like someone you love is betraying you or unfaithful.

Your next step will usually involve trying to fight back to preserve your wounded feelings. You won’t lower yourself to become a doormat, but you will strive to push back and show dominance. This, you hope, will show your partner that you are not to be trifled with.

Deep down inside, you don’t want the relationship to end. At the same time, you will hold on to the need to save face. Even if you lose the war, you’ll insist on winning every battle. This can lead you to go overboard in showing your resentment or anger when you are with a partner who has betrayed you.

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