Juno in Sagittarius, Juno in Capricorn, Juno in Aquarius, Juno in Pisces

juno.jpg Juno in Sagittarius

You are loyal and faithful in partnerships, but it takes you a long time to settle in and become committed.

Your greatest loyalty and commitment is to your ideals, philosophy and love of humanity. You may have an easier time showing commitment and fidelity to large groups of people rather than to just one person in an intimate relationship.

Yet when you’ve spent a lot of time with your loved one, and you are sure you’ve found the One, you’ll be completely loyal.

You may have fear of missing out at first. You don’t like to settle down or feel confined. Your commitment, when you make it, is authentic. You’ll reserve such loyalty until you see that your partner fits your ideals in every way.

Because you are so cautious and take your time, if your partner does betray you, you’ll be deeply crushed. You’ll feel as if a universal law has been broken.

Always compassionate and optimistic, you’ll try to think the best of others and may be the last to know if a partner is unfaithful. If the truth becomes unavoidable, though, you will ultimately move on rather than be disrespected.

Juno in Capricorn

Your desire for a commitment is lifelong. You take partnerships seriously.

You have a strong potential for marriage. It’s something you likely plan for your whole life. Even in childhood, you will scope out your earliest crush for marriage potential. Yet you don’t fall head over heels.

You take a cautious and practical approach to making commitments in a relationship. You can be a traditionalist as well. You may need to keep your feelings aloof while you test your partner to see if they share your standards.

When you feel secure in a relationship, though, you make what you intend to be a lifelong commitment. If your partner betrays you, it can be devastating but you don’t always show it in dramatic ways.

You’ll initially just try harder to make it work. You’ll pull out all the stops trying to strive to set a solid foundation for your partner.

Juno in Aquarius

You love humanity but struggle with direct one on one intimacy.

You may have an ideal in your mind about what your ideal marriage partner will be like, yet in reality you try to hold off on such commitments for as long as possible.

You will try to follow your intuition when it comes to serious relationships. You may be attracted to unusual people or create a powerful and long lasting bond of an eccentric nature.

Your desire for independence and freedom makes it easier for you to commit to a marriage or other long term relationship in which you live at a distance from each other or both travel frequently.

You may need to watch your prospective partner as they go through a number of challenges, this gives you insight into how your partner reacts to change or difficulties. It can serve as your litmus test of whether you can really settle down.

If your trust is betrayed or your partner is unfaithful, you will have no problem breaking your ties and moving on. You are not likely to be bound by sentimentality.

Juno in Pisces

You are deeply romantic and spiritually oriented when it comes to long term commitments.

You fall in love quickly and completely. When you fall in love, you throw caution and reason to the wind. You will be a committed, devoted and empathic partner.

Your desire to spend the rest of your life with your chosen partner is so strong, you’ll ignore any warning signs that they are unfaithful.

You will continue to make excuses for a disloyal partner because your sense of admiration and love will lead you to see an idealized and fantastic view of your partner.

This can make you loving, forgiving and romantic. Yet if the relationship is not healthy it can create a codependent pattern in which you are too forgiving and struggle to have boundaries.

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