Mars and Juno aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you express your passion in a committed relationship?

    By 12andus

    Mars-Juno-Conj.jpg Mars conjunct Juno in the birth chart

    You are deeply passionate and intense when it comes to your long term partnerships and even the potential for marriage.

    You may find someone who triggers your passions and become nearly obsessed with your partner. You can have a strong jealous side and may easily assume your partner is unfaithful when that is not the case.

    You are sensitive to any kind of rejection and can be overprotective of your partner.

    Also, you have a determined streak and when you believe you’ve found the One, you’ll move mountains to be with this person. You won’t bother to take it slow or be careful about giving your heart away.

    You may proclaim very early on that you are determined to be with a particular person for the rest of your life and you won’t take no for an answer.

    You can be dominating in your partnership and will often act on what you believe is your partner’s best interest without stopping to consult them first. You have a heart of gold and are typically enthusiastic and optimistic about your commitment and partnership.

    Mars sextile Juno in the birth chart

    You easily show your passion and devotion in partnerships.

    You are courageous when it comes to love and commitment and you have no problem going out on a limb to convince your partner you are their best match. You can easily convey your devotion and yet you are also good at exciting your partner but not overwhelming them with your intensity.

    You can easily find the right balance between being protective and excited about your commitments and being too forward and zealous. You are serious about your commitments and will fight for a relationship you believe in.

    Mars square Juno in the birth chart

    Your partnerships may be rocky and dramatic.

    You may fight through conflicts in order to preserve a commitment but struggle to find harmony in your connection.

    You may also be in a hurry to find the One and as a result you struggle to settle down because your jealousy or insecurities are easily triggered.

    If you take your time and channel your passion as motivation you can find it easier to attract the person who is meant to be with you. If you try too hard, you may win over a partner’s attention but not truly win their heart.

    Work instead on creating a balance between passion and romance so you don’t overwhelm your prospective partner.

    Mars trine Juno in the birth chart

    You can easily channel your passion and protective instincts in your long term partnership.

    You are deeply devoted to the one you love and you may know early on that a certain person is the One.

    Though you have the same issues every relationship faces, you have a knack for stepping up to the plate and reassuring your love that you are committed and devoted and you fight for a relationship until the very end.

    You can be devoted and committed to the one you love and although you can have a jealous streak, you are usually able to balance this with optimism and enthusiasm for your relationships.

    Mars opposite Juno in the birth chart

    You may have an impulsive streak that undermines what you want from a serious relationship or partnership.

    For instance, you may be in a rush to find the One, but your eagerness and intensity drives away potential committed partners. You may also try to be protective and passionate in relationships only to inadvertently drive the other person away.

    You may have to work on balancing your own ambitions for success and satisfaction with the needs of your partner in order to be successful. Jealousy and possessiveness can also work against you in relationships. Be careful not to be too dominating over your partner.

    You may be attracted to a life partner who is not quite available or who you feel you need to pursue in order to win over. You can be more successful if you don’t try too hard and if you learn to bring harmony between what you want and what your partner wants.

    Mars quincunx Juno in the birth chart

    You don’t easily focus your energy in long term commitments.

    Your intentions may be sincere but you have to contend with your passions and impulsive side. You may also have to overcome old beliefs that lead you to become jealous and easily triggered.

    You will have to work to find greater confidence in yourself and work on being assertive rather than dominating in relationships. When you do this, you’ll find greater success in securing a long term partnership.

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