Pallas and Juno aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your mission lead you to express commitment in your partnerships?

    By 12andus

    Pallas-Juno-Conj.jpg Pallas conjunct Juno in the birth chart

    Your vision and the crusade to which you are dedicated is intertwined with a serious commitment in a relationship.

    You can harness your strategic and intellectual energy to help your partnership succeed. You may also find greater commitment to your mission through your relationship to your partner or spouse.

    Your ideal partner is attracted to your fighting spirit and may share the same mission you have. You can find great enthusiasm and support for your mission as well as a result of the encouragement and inspiration from your partner.

    You may feel like you’re on a quest to find the ideal partner as well as being on a quest for which you seek your partner’s help.

    Your intellect and sense of strategy can help you ensure your partnership stands the test of time and survives through any twists and turns.

    Pallas sextile Juno in the birth chart

    You can easily express your commitment and devotion by following your vision and enlisting the help of your partner in your mission.

    Your personal ambitions are closely related to the goals you share with your partner. Your obligations to your partner may help you advance toward your goals. Your partner easily appreciates your intellectual insights and strategies for social change.

    You may easily find ways to enlist your partner’s help in achieving your goals and creating success.

    You are motivated to fight for your relationship but you seldom have to fight with your partner in order to get them to join in your crusade.

    Pallas square Juno in the birth chart

    You can find your purpose and mission but may feel like your crusade clashes with your desire for a committed and serious partnership.

    You may need to work through the friction that arises when your partner doesn’t fully understand your mission or doesn’t show the same enthusiasm for your crusade that you were expecting.

    When you refine your mission or adapt how you communicate about your strategies or vision, you can find ways to win your ideal partner over to your cause.

    Pallas trine Juno in the birth chart

    You easily blend your sense of vision and mission with your devotion to a committed partnership.

    It’s easy for you to attract a partner who is as devoted to your cause as you are. Your partnership may be instrumental to helping you bring your vision into reality. Your campaign for advancement and progress can solidify your commitment to a partnership as well.

    You can easily feel supported by your partner, feeling as though you’ve found a missing piece to the puzzle.

    Your commitment to your partnership is instrumental in helping you achieve your goals and fulfill your ambitions.

    Pallas opposite Juno in the birth chart

    You don’t easily find balance between your ideal partnership and your personal mission.

    You may feel compelled to follow a campaign or crusade that is instrumental to your sense of ambition and success. Yet at the same time, you long for the connection of a serious partnership. Your marriage or committed partnership provides the security and connection you searched for.

    Yet you may continue to feel as if something is missing. When you find a deeper sense of satisfaction because you’ve clarified your vision and found ways to pursue your ambitions, you can then more easily find contentment in the obligation to your partner.

    You may have to find the right balance between your devotion to your mission and your devotion to your partner. You can come to a greater appreciation for your partner and your partner’s role in helping you succeed in your mission once you find ways to balance these two priorities.

    Until you do, however, you may unintentionally sabotage your relationship or alienate yourself from your loved one as you focus all of your energy on one or the other.

    Pallas quincunx Juno in the birth chart

    You may have to work through insecurities regarding your ability to balance your quest with your desire for a committed partnership.

    When you have learned to harness your vision find clarity in your mission, you may be able to work through the ups and downs in your relationship without sacrificing any aspect of your mission.

    Until then, you may end up going to extremes to try to fit your aspirations for success in with your desire for a committed relationship.

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