Juno and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your partnership or marriage help promote your career path?

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    Juno-MC-Conj.jpg Juno conjunct Midheaven in the birth chart

    You can easily attract your best match for long term partnership and perhaps even meet your future partner through your career path.

    You may also find greater success and expansion through your partnership. Your career may be elevated because of the perspective or support of your partner. Even if you are committed to your career ambition, you are easily just as committed to your partnership.

    You may be in business with a partner or achieve some positive public reputation because of your connection to a partner. A partnership or marriage may help you ascend to a position of power and recognition or status that you gain may be because of your connection to a partner.

    You may also easily attract a powerful or influential partner who helps to improve your reputation or expand your audience.

    Your lucky breakthrough in your career path or business may be at least in part because of the influence of a strong and influential partner.

    Juno sextile Midheaven in the birth chart

    You can easily ascend to prominent positions of status in your career because of the support of your spouse or partner.

    Whatever your career path, your reputation is helped because of your partnership. You may find a career path that involves being a full time supporter to an influential and powerful partner. A role assisting a partner in business or a political campaign for example.

    You may also easily attract a partner who is committed to your success and easily aligns with your ambitions.

    Juno square Midheaven in the birth chart

    You may hope to find lasting commitment and love in a marriage or relationship but not easily align your goals for marriage with your career goals.

    You can find support and encouragement from your partner so that your ambitions and career will thrive. When you work through your fears and insecurities in the relationship you will be able to ascend to a position of status and success in your career.

    Yet if you don’t work through the underlying issues in the relationship, you may get distracted by power struggles and disharmony in your partnership and miss important opportunities that could advance your career.

    Juno trine Midheaven in the birth chart

    Your desires for partnership and marriage easily align with your ambition and career success.

    You may find success in your career because of your connection to your spouse or a long term partner. Your connection to a partner and ability to commit and show dedication helps you thrive both in your marriage and in your career path.

    Your public reputation may also expand in positive ways because of your partnership. Your marriage or connection to your partner will help you excel in your career and gain recognition.

    Juno opposite Midheaven in the birth chart

    Though you may crave a stable marriage or long term partnership, your desire to be successful in your career may run counter to this goal.

    You may want to have both your career success and the full support of your partner or spouse. Yet in some way, your marriage or partnership undermines your career ambition.

    You may have to overcome relationship drama in order to be focused and committed in your career path. Your career success may be jeopardized because of scandal or issues that impact your reputation stemming from your connection with your partner.

    You may have to work through your jealousies and insecurities to find ways to create stability within your relationship so you can thrive in your partnership and in your career.

    Juno quincunx Midheaven in the birth chart

    You may want a marriage or long term partnership though your obligations to work and career stand in the way.

    You may need to deal with deeper insecurities and jealousies so that you will be able to navigate the ups and downs of your relationship. When you do this, you’ll be better able to draw on your partnership for support and success in your career.

    You may have to face your deeper fears of abandonment or rejection. Your partnership may be rocky but when you start to push back and stand up for yourself within the relationship, you’ll also find the confidence you need to succeed in your career.

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