Transiting Mercury on natal Juno

By 12andus

Mercury-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Juno

During this time you may feel more connected to your partner and easily express your ideas.

Communication matters go smoothly now and much of your communication and mindset focuses now on matters of commitment and longevity in your relationship. You and a partner may begin planning for a future together.

You may also find it easier to express your ideas and views as a result of the encouragement and support from your partner during this time.

You may be able to more easily get your point across or share your message or ideas with influential people thanks to the influence of your partner now as well.

Any insecurities or issues that held you back from sharing your ideas in the past are now easily eliminated leading to an open exchange of ideas and flow of communication.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Juno

During this time it is easy for you to express your ideas and communicate your devotion and commitment to your romantic partner.

You can now open up more easily to your partner and the focus of a committed partnership may be on plans for your shared lives together in the future. You easily understand each other’s ideas and goals now.

During this time you can also find that your partner helps you assert your ideas and elevate your message on a broader level.

Your partner may help you make influential connections now and this helps you share your message through speaking, writing or teaching others.

Transiting Mercury square natal Juno

Transiting Mercury trine natal Juno

During this time, you can easily convey your ideas for commitment and love with a partner.

You may feel compelled to make promises of love and conveying your devotion to a loved one or partner. This can also be an ideal time for a marriage proposal or establishment of commitment and love.

Conversations and communication may be the key to opening the heart of a loved one or love interest and a devoted partnership may result from the discussions. Your partner may feel reassured by your style of communication and conversations with you now as well.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Juno

During this time, your desire for communication and your desire for commitment may be at odds with each other.

You may have a plan for your ideal romance or relationship, yet you may also feel compelled to remain committed to a relationship that doesn’t match your plans. You may also struggle now with communication mishaps and misunderstandings.

During this time, be careful about the messages you express to a romantic partner or committed partner such as a spouse. You may express plans and ideas that threaten your partner’s sense of security. You may also feel like you are ready for a commitment that your partner is not yet ready for.

Don’t play mind games with a partner now. Instead, it’s important to be clear about how you feel and what you need in a relationship. If you are careless with your communication or try to manipulate a partner mentally, it will backfire now.

You may need to work through a deeper issue in order to bring your plans and obligations into alignment.

Be vigilant about your plans and how you communicate about your partnership now and you will be able to work through the conflicts with your partner.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Juno

During this time, your vision and plans may not easily fit in with your obligations in a relationship.

You may need to work through miscommunications and misunderstandings so that you can cultivate a more serious relationship now. During this time, you may also be able to face your insecurities and break out of a pattern of self-sabotage in how you express your ideas in relationships.

When you work to center yourself, you can break free from self-defeating beliefs and find ways to nurture your commitment to a partner or spouse.

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