Transiting Uranus on natal Juno

    By 12andus

    Uranus-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Uranus conjunct natal Juno

    During this time you can experience dramatic breakthroughs in your partnership or relationship.

    You may also be attracted to an unusual partner who can dramatically change the way you look at the world. You may face unconventional twists and turns with the help of your partner now but even the most dramatic ups and downs won’t shake your commitment to your partner.

    You may break new ground in your personal life because of the influence of your partner now as well. Dramatic changes can be underway and your partner shows you support and loyalty through the process.

    You may feel compelled to make dramatic, unprecedented changes to your relationship now as well.

    Sudden changes can alter the way you follow through on your commitments now, but you will use your creativity to find a way to make the relationship work.

    Transiting Uranus sextile natal Juno

    During this time you may find a dramatic change in perspective thanks to a partner.

    You may also go to unusual extremes to show your own devotion and commitment to a romantic partner now. You can experience breakthroughs in your relationship that come as a result of unusual changes beyond your control.

    You may have an unorthodox path to commitment in a relationship now and this can lead you to express your individuality in an unusual way even in your relationship.

    Transiting Uranus square natal Juno

    During this time you may have an awkward time finding the right mix between independence and commitment in a relationship.

    You may feel attracted to unusual people now and you may have difficulty expressing your love and devotion in a partnership now. This tension can lead you to become jealous and insecure, you may question your partner’s motives now.

    Dramatic and shocking outbursts can challenge a partnership now as well. If you must break the ice in a disruptive or extreme way now, try to save the dramatic changes for where such breakthroughs are truly needed.

    This can lead you to strengthen the commitment you need in a partnership.

    Transiting Uranus trine natal Juno

    During this time you may go through major breakthroughs in your relationship.

    This can help you and your partner find stronger commitment now. Unconventional choices or dramatic twists and turns can benefit your relationship now as well. You may suddenly and spontaneously express your desire and commitment for your partner.

    You may also suddenly fall for an intense attraction to a shocking and unusual person, an ideal partner who it turns out complements your strengths and is your ideal match now.

    Transiting Uranus opposite natal Juno

    During this time you may be torn between a sudden and intense desire for independence and freedom and the desire to make a firm commitment to a striking and unusual partner.

    You may want all the trappings of a traditional relationship and long to find the commitment from a partner who complements your strengths. At the same time, your jealousies and insecurities can surface in dramatic and intense ways now.

    You may find yourself lashing out at your partner or suddenly wishing you could break free from commitments. Your erratic energy can baffle your partner now and you may inadvertently send mixed signals which undermine your relationship.

    Instead of seeking extremes, try to find balance between your desire for independence and your desire for a committed, serious relationship.

    Transiting Uranus quincunx natal Juno

    During this time you may find it difficult to express your independent, unique nature and maintain a serious committed partnership.

    You may have to work through past insecurities and jealousies in order to keep yourself level and balanced.

    When you want to lash out, you will do better to work on achieving new breakthroughs and changing your patterns of thinking so that you can become ready to commit to your romantic partner.

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