Transiting Juno on natal Sun

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    Sun-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Juno conjunct natal Sun

    During this time, your partnership may be in the spotlight.

    The strengths you and your partner bring out in each other can lead you to achieve greater success and recognition now. You may also discover a special talent because of the influence of your partner, one which you were not previously aware of.

    You are committed to the one you love and relationships may be in focus. A positive milestone can bring you into a closer commitment with your loved one now as well.

    You may be inclined to see the best in your partner and your enthusiastic and optimistic view of your spouse or loved one will set a solid foundation for growth in the relationship now.

    Though you are committed to see it through no matter what, you may have to put aside possessive tendencies now in order to build an ideal relationship with your partner. You may also be inclined to be positive and forgiving rather than letting jealousies distract you.

    Transiting Juno sextile natal Sun

    During this time you easily make progress in establishing a solid relationship.

    You can find it easy to attract a new partner who helps you live up to your ideals and express your true talents now. You may also have an easier time than usual expressing confidence in an existing relationship.

    A current partnership may advance to a new level now. You can easily put your trust in your partner and have no doubts about their commitment to them.

    Transiting Juno square natal Sun

    During this time you may have to work harder than usual to be optimistic about a commitment to a partner.

    Though you are devoted to seeing your partnership through to the end, you may also find yourself becoming increasingly frustrated with what you perceive is your partners lack of consistency. You may feel like your partner is too focused on their own ego or image now.

    You may also easily become jealous or possessive. Try to keep perspective now and you will be able to work through obstacles and focus on the commitment with your partner or spouse.

    You can potentially strengthen the relationship by working through challenges now.

    Transiting Juno trine natal Sun

    During this time you may feel like a partnership is the key to bringing your strengths and talents to light.

    Your partner or someone you are interested in as a potential life partner may spark your desire to be the best version of yourself. Though you are mindful of your individuality and personal goals now, you may be more inclined to focus on a relationship or partnership now.

    You can see the best in your partner now and may have big dreams and aspirations for your relationship. This is a fortunate time to meet a Soul Mate, marry your partner or otherwise express your desires for commitment.

    Transiting Juno opposite natal Sun

    During this time, you may feel torn between your desire for commitment and your obligations to your partner, and your own desire to shine.

    A partnership or serious relationship may be a source of friction or tension now as well. You may have to choose your commitments carefully during this time. Arguments erupt easily now and you may feel constantly at odds with your partner rather than supported by them now.

    Your attachment to your partner may take away from your ability to see your personal needs and value yourself as an individual during this time. Try to find a balance between the relationship you feel devoted to and your sense of self.

    You may need to work harder to assert your needs and show your partner who you are as an individual and not as a second half of the relationship.

    By taking the initiative to do this, you will be able to effectively bring harmony and deeper understanding into the relationship.

    Transiting Juno quincunx natal Sun

    During this time you may look to your partner for reassurance or to make you feel secure. In spite of their best efforts, your partner can’t provide the confidence you seek.

    It is now up to you to break old patterns that lead you to doubt yourself or underestimate your own talents and abilities. When you place yourself and your own needs as a higher priority, you will be able to show your devotion to your partner.

    You will also be able to break out of patterns of insecurity that lead you to become jealous and feel like a partnership is insufficient.

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