Transiting Juno on natal Lilith

By 12andus

Lilith-Juno-Conj.jpg Transiting Juno conjunct natal Lilith

Your partnership or obligation to a spouse may push you to express your rebellious side now.

You may feel compelled to express your suppressed emotions during this time. You may also find a partner who enhances your independent nature and appreciates your creativity and boldness.

Your partnership may give you the inspiration to be true to your inner self as you follow your instincts. You don’t feel limited by your obligation to a partner now. Instead you are likely to feel inspired and compelled to follow your wild side because you have the devotion and support of your partner now.

During this time you may find greater confidence in your sexuality. You can easily attract a partner who helps you express your sexual desires. Even in a solid, long term partnership, you may now feel free to show your authentic, free and rebellious sexual nature.

Transiting Juno sextile natal Lilith

During this time you may feel compelled to express your sexual desires and unique personal needs even in a committed relationship.

During this time, you may feel more inclined to experiment sexually and the commitment and trust in your partnership helps fuel your desire to be rebellious and follow your own desires now.

You can attract a partner who easily understands your raw inner emotions and encourages you to be true to yourself. Your partner will now also encourage you to show your wild, free-spirited side.

Transiting Juno square natal Lilith

You may feel committed to your romantic partner at this time but also feel the need to rebel against your obligations.

What usually feels like a secure partnership may now come to feel like a stifling relationship. During this time you may feel the need to express your sexual desires and interests and this can create clashes or conflicts with a partner who is more of a traditionalist.

If you work through the conflicts that arise in your partnership now, you’ll be able to remain true to your authentic self now and express your wild and creative nature.

You may also be better able to evolve with your partner because you won’t back down from expressing your wild side.

Transiting Juno trine natal Lilith

During this time your partnership may be key to helping you discover your long repressed creativity and intuitive side.

A serious relationship or partner may easily bring out your raw inner emotions and you can channel this energy through your sexual desires. You can find ways to express your individuality in your partnership now. Even if your authentic self is rebellious or wild, your partner will show devotion and appreciation.

Your love and commitment for your partner can now help embolden you because you are more incline to express your individual nature.

Transiting Juno opposite natal Lilith

During this time you may find a strong, committed relationship to be at odds with who you are as an individual.

Your deeper desires to rebel against restrictions can be projected as resentment and frustration toward your partner. You may feel your partner is inhibiting you in some way now. Your sexual desires may be at odds with your routines with your partner.

You may also long for a partner who appreciates your individuality and creative energy but feel stifled or unappreciated by your committed partner. Your style for fulfilling your obligation to your partner needs to better align with your inner desires now.

If you can step back and work on aligning your authentic self with the needs of your partnership, you can find ways to create a balance between being true to yourself and fulfilling your deeper urges and creative instincts without sacrificing your commitment to your partnership.

Transiting Juno quincunx natal Lilith

During this time you may feel a strain between your desire to express your devotion to your partner and your desire to express your individualistic nature.

You may try to please your partner by following their needs and suppressing your sexual desires now, but doing so will only backfire. You’ll likely end up lashing out or making dramatic and rebellious moves to counter feeling stifled or insecure about your relationship now.

This is an ideal time to step back and pay attention to your inner desires and repressed rage. Dealing with your deeper feelings, especially in creative ways, will help you to be true to yourself and express your needs without sacrificing your relationship.

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