Transiting Juno on natal Midheaven


    Juno-MC-Conj.jpg Transiting Juno conjunct natal Midheaven

    During this time, you may find it easy to focus on your partner or commitments in your relationship.

    Advancements in your partnership are also likely to coincide with advancement in your career path or professional life now. This is an ideal time to start a business with your partner, take business or professional advice from your partner or draw on your partner’s influence to help you succeed in your career or professional path.

    You may also make your relationship official and share good news regarding your relationship publicly now.

    Your partner may have a positive influence on your public image, career advancement, or platform. You may also be able to connect with influential people through a powerful or authoritative partner now.

    Transiting Juno sextile natal Midheaven

    During this time, you may easily attract a partner who helps support your career goals.

    Public recognition and advancement in your career or business may come as a result of the positive influence of your partner. Your commitments in a relationship can easily coincide with the goals you have professionally now.

    A relationship may become more serious and may also focus on helping you succeed in your career path. You may also feel like your relationship is under the public spotlight now as well.

    Transiting Juno square natal Midheaven

    During this time you may feel like your commitment to a partner creates friction or tension with your career goals.

    You may feel like your romantic obligations are draining your energy and distracting you from your career path. You may also need to work harder than usual to get the full support of your partner so that you can feel confident making a change to your career now.

    Your partner may become insecure or jealous because of your career success or the attention you receive from someone in your professional network. Take the time to work through these disagreements and difficulties now.

    You will be able to find common ground with your partner and gain their support so you can thrive in your career now.

    Transiting Juno trine natal Midheaven

    During this time, you may find it easier than usual to advance in your career path because of the influence of a powerful and successful partner.

    A commitment to your partner may also help you thrive in your work or in a public sphere in some way. You are easily able to advance professionally because of doors your partner helps you to open now.

    You can also build on the foundation you set with your partner in order to share mutual success in career or business now.

    Transiting Juno opposite natal Midheaven

    During this time you may feel torn between your commitment to a partnership and your commitment to your career.

    You may feel like your devotion to your partner is interfering with your career path and business goals now. You may also have to work through insecurities and jealousy in your relationship so that you can find success in your career path now.

    When you take the time to work through the conflicts and misunderstandings in your relationship now, you will be able to gain the full support of your partner. This can give you the confidence and inspiration you need to further your career goals now.

    With the help of your partner, you can work through insecurities that keep you from pursuing your full potential in your career. Yet you will have to get your partner’s buy in first.

    Take the time to deal with conflicts and confrontations now. You don’t have to choose just relationship commitments or work commitment now.

    Transiting Juno quincunx natal Midheaven

    During this time you may feel insecure about your partnership commitments and your public image or career path.

    You may try too hard to please your partner and push yourself to succeed in career, but not yet find ways to leverage your partnership to help you succeed. You may also feel like you aren’t as fully supported by your partner as you hoped to be.

    During this time you can find it easier to reconcile these insecurities if you first take the time to work on your own insecurities. Work through your fears and jealousy now.

    Chances are, you are trying too hard both in relationship and career and this will burn you out. Take the time instead to get clear about what you really want in your relationship and in your career path.

    Try to harness the support and commitment you have from your partner to succeed in your career.

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