Venus and Vesta aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your attractive, compassionate nature help you to be of service to others?

By 12andus

Venus-Vesta-Conj.jpg Venus conjunct Vesta in the birth chart

Though you may be attractive and charming, you’re likely to postpone serious commitments or relationships until later in life.

Instead, you will find your calling appealing to people’s love of security and beauty. In doing so, you help to share a message related to spirituality, self care and priorities.

You can easily attract opportunities to be of service. Your compassionate nature and ability to mediate problems and create balance can be part of your higher mission. You devote yourself to making others feel loved and secure. Even if you don’t always feel loved and cared for yourself.

You have a tendency to put others’ needs first but you never complain about this. You see it as part of your mission. You are also comfortable caring for yourself so that you can dedicate yourself to a path involving helping others feel secure and nurtured.

You bring out the beauty in those around you but may pay little attention to your own image. You can also use materialism to prove your dedication to a mission that helps  others grow spiritually.

Venus sextile Vesta in the birth chart

You may find it easy to express your compassion and desire for harmony as part of your sacred mission.

You feel most aligned with your spiritual calling when you are creating beauty, art or showing your love and compassion for others. You may feel a calling to help others discover their self-worth and learn to care for themselves on a deeper level.

You may also have an ability to find beauty and love in any situation and in the natural world. You can help others find love and connection even if you put your own desire for love or romance on the back burner at first.

Venus square Vesta in the birth chart

You may have a hard time fulfilling your sacred connection because your desire for pleasure distracts you from your calling.

You have an important mission requiring you to be of service to others, creating beauty and harmony. Yet you can be distracted from your path by relationship choices that undermine your ultimate purpose.

When you stop distracting yourself by seeking pleasure, material wealth and love, you will be able to find more satisfying connections. Not only for love and romance, but connection with your higher purpose as well.

Venus trine Vesta in the birth chart

You may find it easy to express your desire for beauty, love and pleasure and still fulfill your sacred calling.

When you are creating art, showing love and compassion or creating beauty, you feel divinely connected. You can easily share love and inspire others to value themselves as part of your mission. You are called to be of service to others by creating beauty in the world.

You may be called to postpone your own romantic relationships or material success so that you can fulfill your mission.

This will not bother you, however, because in doing so you learn lessons about love that help you set a stronger foundation and more easily express your compassion and empathy.

Venus opposite Vesta in the birth chart

You may feel torn between your materialistic, pleasure seeking and sensual side and your calling to serve others even if self-sacrifice is required.

You may have a deeply devoted side and want to dedicate yourself to your calling. Yet at the same time, you can’t help indulging in your material desires. You may struggle between following religious or spiritual restrictions that are part of an important calling and giving in to your passions and desires.

When you learn to balance your desire for pleasure, beauty and intimacy and your spiritual calling, you will be able to serve others in a more productive way.

Balancing your hedonistic side and your need to find spiritual purity and connection, you’ll be able to fulfill your calling.

Venus quincunx Vesta in the birth chart

You may feel like you are destined to be of service in some important way.

Yet the measures you need to take in order to fulfill your mission, especially matters of self-sacrifice and committing yourself to being of service to others, may be out of alignment with your true calling. You may go to extremes looking for love only to find toxic relationships, or seeking success only to get lost in materialism.

When you work through your deeper insecurities, you can find ways to follow your true calling and be of service to others.

You can find ways to spread unconditional love and help inspire others to recognize the connection between beauty, love and spirituality.

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