Transiting Sun on natal Vesta

By 12andus

Sun-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Sun conjunct natal Vesta

During this time, new light is shed on your spiritual calling.

You may feel energized and passionate about devoting yourself to a spiritual path or part of your spiritual practice. You easily have the strength and energy to commit to rigorous routines that help you succeed in work you are devoted to.

Creativity and artistic talents can fuel your mission and your work as well. You are deeply inspired to live up to your high standards of perfection as well.

This is an ideal time to revamp your meditation routines, rituals or practices that help you fuse your sense of spiritual calling with your identity and personal strengths. Efforts to serve others, even at a cost to your own ambition, will work out positively in the long run.

You’re in a good position to blend your creative, optimistic energy with your spiritual quest.

Transiting Sun sextile natal Vesta

This is a good time to bring creativity, confidence and optimism into your work.

A path you’ve devoted yourself to is now tied to your spiritual quest in some important way. As you practice vigilant self care and devotion to your calling, you’re also likely to succeed in your work.

This is particularly true of work that involves a calling to serve others in some important way.

You can find support and inspiration from others to help you thrive in your quest or mission.

Transiting Sun square natal Vesta

It may be a challenge for you to channel your best qualities and strengths in service of your spiritual mission.

Though you may feel deeply devoted to your calling, you may struggle to express your mission or goals effectively. Your ego may interfere with your need to be humble and sacrifice part of your ambition in order to ensure the benefit of others.

You may also be called to a spiritual path that requires regular dedication to practice, details and rituals. Yet rather than giving yourself over to this devotion you may resist some aspect of the changes or efforts required of you.

If you work diligently to overcome the friction caused by your ego desires overtaking your calling, you can align your personal needs, special strengths and important aspects of your identity as part of your quest.

Transiting Sun trine natal Vesta

You can easily thrive as you blend your personal strengths and talents with your devotion to a spiritual path or special calling.

Your mission is closely influenced by your personality or sense of identity now. You can also find great strength and confidence to embark on a path of devotion that requires some sacrifice or limitations that help you serve society or contribute to a higher calling.

Your confidence helps bolster your passions to follow your quest during this time as well.

Transiting Sun opposite natal Vesta

Though you may feel optimistic about your own personal goals and ambitions now, you may find frustration as you feel compelled to follow a rigorous spiritual path.

If you follow your calling, you may fear losing some aspect of yourself or personal identity. Yet if you deny your larger calling, you will feel uninspired. Finding ways to balance your personal ambitions and ego with your higher calling to pursue a path of spiritual connection and service to others is essential now.

During this time you may have to confront some aspect of your ego in order to more effectively fulfill your mission. It is important to reconcile self doubts and overcome fears that keep you from more fully dedicating yourself to your path and your mission.

Your spiritual quest may require you to become honest about who you are as an individual, yet facing this question head on will help you succeed in the long run.

Transiting Sun quincunx natal Vesta

During this time you may find it awkward to follow your spiritual quest.

Your mission may involve self-sacrifice and devoting yourself to a higher calling as being of service to others. You may have to do some deeper soul searching now and as you confront your ego desires and personal ambitions that block you from fulfilling your larger quest, you’ll be free to advance on your path.

Doing introspective work can help you fully embrace your spiritual connection and responsibilities with confidence and a strong sense of how your unique gifts are to be shared with the world.

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