Transiting True Lunar Node on natal Vesta

True Lunar Node-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting True Lunar Node conjunct natal Vesta

During this time you can find it easy to merge your sense of destiny and personal identity with your spiritual path.

You can easily advance beyond your comfort zone during this time and in doing so you’ll be better able to fulfill your calling to your spiritual mission.

You may also find greater passion for your spiritual quest when you are already aligning with your higher mission. You may feel more fired up to fulfill your quest during this time and may feel more spiritually connected when you trust your intuition and follow your higher calling.

You can easily make some sacrifices that lead you to prioritize your calling to service rather than focusing on your personal ambition alone.

Yet you may find that when you follow your higher aspirations you are also taking the same steps and measures needed to enhance your spiritual connection as well.

Transiting True Lunar Node sextile natal Vesta

During this time it is easier for you to follow your instincts and intuition and advance toward your higher calling.

Some aspects of your work or duties that align you with your higher calling will be aligned easily now and this helps you to follow your spiritual mission.

You may find ways to blend routines that fuel your spiritual connection and actions that help you express your true calling.

Finding your destiny may be tied to your ability to overcome limitations and devote yourself to your higher mission now. You can easily express yourself and show your intuitive, compassionate side as you evolve in new directions now.

Your advancement may involve some period of self deprivation, sacrifice or rituals involving purification during this time as well.

Transiting True Lunar Node square natal Vesta

You may face challenges involving following your higher path and devoting yourself to your spiritual mission.

You may need to overcome doubts or insecurities so that you can advance on your path and fulfill your mission of service to others during this time. When you work through limitations or delays and become accepting and trusting of your higher mission, you’ll more easily be able to embrace your calling.

Aspects of your true identity will more easily fuel your calling and help you succeed in your work once you work to refine your message or strategies now.

Transiting True Lunar Node trine natal Vesta

You may find it easy to draw on your sense of destiny and follow your path to personal advancement by devoting yourself to your work.

Though you may be called to sacrifice some aspect of your identity or path, in doing so you’ll easily be able to make progress during this time. You may be able to find greater healing and serve others as a beacon for spiritual growth and advancement now.

You can find motivation and become more passionate about your calling during this time as well. You can work through any obstacles and fears with ease now and embrace your higher calling.

Transiting True Lunar Node opposite natal Vesta

During this time you may feel torn between your sense of higher mission and your spiritual quest.

Your personal advancement should feed your higher quest yet you may not be ready to fully let go and devote yourself to your mission now. When you step back and face your fears and limitations, you’ll be better able to accept your calling as a chance to challenge yourself and evolve outside of your comfort zone.

By finding greater connection to your spiritual Source and by being true to yourself and your higher mission, you will be more easily able to advance and succeed in your work now.

You may have the opportunity to overcome fears and limitations which in the past kept you stuck and fearful of accepting your true destiny.

When you do this, you’ll be able to put your spiritual ideals into practice through routines and rituals related to your higher calling.

Transiting True Lunar Node quincunx natal Vesta

During this time you may find it difficult to work through your fear of being uncomfortable and embrace your higher calling.

When you dig deep and deal with your insecurities and fears of evolving and advancing, you’ll be able to resolve the fears that are keeping you stuck. You may now also be able to find the confidence to step into a role of healer or spiritual guide for others.

By devoting yourself to a path of service now, you can become more confident in your ability to overcome limitations and make progress to fulfill your higher calling.

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