Transiting Vesta on natal Vesta

    By 12andus

    Vesta-Vesta-Conj.jpg Vesta-Vesta-Conj.jpg Transiting Vesta conjunct natal Vesta

    During this time you may feel deeply devoted to work or to a mission that leads you to be of service to others.

    Even if you have to sacrifice some aspect of your vision or spiritual ideals now, you will be able to embrace this calling and serve as a visionary leader or guide to help others.

    During this time you may feel passionate about your spiritual connection. Acts of ritual, devotion and mundane practices linked to your work may empower your connection with your spiritual Source now.

    During this time you may feel more fired up about your sense of mission and the meaning behind work you are doing may be more important to you than mundane aspects of the work itself.

    You may rise to new levels of spiritual connection through your commitment to serve others now.

    Transiting Vesta sextile natal Vesta

    During this time you may easily devote yourself to a spiritual mission.

    You may feel you have been called to devote yourself to serving others now. You can be practical about channeling your spiritual ideals and finding ways to live according to your higher mission.

    Being of service to others can be instrumental to your sense of spiritual connection now.

    Your fire of divine love and fulfillment is easily triggered through mundane work now as well.

    Transiting Vesta square natal Vesta

    During this time you may face challenges between your sense of spiritual ideals and your calling.

    You may feel compelled to fulfill your mission now and mundane actions such as routines, work and daily devotions can help you find stronger connection to your spiritual Source now.

    You may be compelled to make sacrifices that help you succeed in your mission yet you don’t easily devote yourself to this calling. Instead you may hold out and resist being of service because of fears of having to sacrifice some aspect of your plans or work.

    When you work through these challenges, you will be more motivated to fulfill your calling and go to greater lengths to complete your work and your mission.

    Transiting Vesta trine natal Vesta

    You may find it easier than normal to commit yourself to a higher calling.

    Your spiritual mission and path of service to others is central for you now. When you fulfill your mission and act out of your deeper devotion to your higher calling, you will more easily be able to feel a powerful connection to your spiritual Source now.

    You may effortlessly embrace your mission now and serve others through the mundane routines and work that you dedicate your time to now as well.

    Transiting Vesta opposite natal Vesta

    During this time you may feel torn between two aspects of your spiritual calling.

    Your mission to be of service may seem less fulfilling now. Sacrifices that need to be made to help you devote yourself to your higher calling may seem to outweigh the immediate benefits of fulfilling your calling.

    You may have to weigh the options when choosing between two aspects of your spiritual calling now. New practices or rituals may need to replace routines that have lost their connection to your spiritual ideals.

    When you work to refine and purify your routines you’ll be better able to keep your focus sharp and keep your passion fueled.

    Transiting Vesta quincunx natal Vesta

    During this time you may have difficulty drawing on your higher ideals in order to fulfill your work.

    You may have to work through your inner insecurities now in order to live up to your full potential. You can rise to take advantage of opportunities that lead you to serve others through your work now as well.

    By addressing your own issues first and embracing the need to make deeper sacrifices, you will be better able to fulfill your mission now.

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