Pluto and Pholus aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you find deeper meaning and initiation in dramatic life turning points?

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    Pluto-Pholus-Conj.jpg Pluto conjunct Pholus in the birth chart

    Your deep, dramatic urge to transform and be a catalyst for change is ushered in by milestones and turning points.

    Even situations outside of your control are likely to be harnessed as catalysts for deeper personal transformation. You can find your inner power, clarifying your focus and finding greater authority during times of cataclysmic change and crises.

    Though you have powerful protective instincts, you will also find that you can’t always dominate the circumstances around you. When milestones and turning points threaten your sense of security and foundation, you rise to the occasion and act as an authority figure.

    You can also help others walk through these periods of dramatic change and transformation and may see even small catalysts as much bigger turning points leading to a symbolic death and rebirth phase for you.

    Pluto sextile Pholus in the birth chart

    You easily draw on your power and focus to find ways to use cataclysmic changes as turning points to initiation.

    You may find greater clarity, focus and power in the midst of dramatic crises and changes beyond your control. You may find it easy to step into positions of leadership so that you can help others find power and clarity in the midst of chaotic changes.

    Upheaval can bring out your strengths and sense of inner authority. You may easily release your fears and embrace losses so that you can navigate through paths of dramatic change and instability.

    Pluto square Pholus in the birth chart

    You may find it challenging to let go of your willpower or sense of authority during times of upheaval and cataclysmic changes.

    You may face tension and have to face your inner fears and adjust your desire for control so that you can navigate through the chaos and upheaval during times of cataclysmic change.

    Though you may resist the initial push to make important changes at first, cataclysmic crises can compel you to adjust your focus and align your power and sense of authority with your newly refined mission to help others find empowerment and clarity in the midst of change or crisis.

    Pluto trine Pholus in the birth chart

    You may find it easy to draw on your inner power and sense of authority in order to navigate through cataclysmic milestones.

    You may find it easy to redefine your focus and adapt to changing circumstances. Crises and times of upheaval can unleash your inner power and strength. You may find the power and authority to treat turning points and milestones as gateways to initiation and greater perspective as well.

    You may easily find power and take control as a leader during times of crisis and great upheaval. You may try to protect others or help initiate change and growth for those around you during crises.

    Pluto opposite Pholus in the birth chart

    You may find it difficult to channel your power and authority productively during pivotal times of crisis and change.

    Your personal sense of power and authority may pull you in one direction while circumstances outside of your control and cataclysmic events force you to shift your focus. You may initially resist letting go and adapting to the dramatic changes you face.

    When you are called to let go and moderate your focus in order to navigate times of dramatic change and find personal transformation and power, you may instead wrestle with your willpower. Let go and in doing so, embrace your full power through new perspective and initiation as a result of cataclysmic events.

    You may have to reconcile some aspect of loss or fears that block you from fulfilling your role as a leader or initiator of changes in the midst of major crises or cataclysmic events. When you do, you will be able to draw on such crises as points of initiation and empowerment.

    Pluto quincunx Pholus in the birth chart

    You may find it challenging to surrender control and adapt to changing circumstances.

    When small changes have big consequences, you may resist seeing the dramatic ramifications of these widespread chaotic changes for what they are. You may overestimate your sense of control and believe you are able to contain a situation that is beyond your control.

    When you take the time to examine your need for control and your deeper fears and insecurities, however, you’ll be better able to reclaim your inner power and authority and respond more effectively to crisis situations.

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