Chiron and Pholus aspects in the Birth Chart: How does your intuitive sense of healing prepare you for cataclysmic changes?

By 12andus

Chiron-Pholus-Conj.jpg Chiron conjunct Pholus in the birth chart

Your inner wisdom and intuitive sense of healing past wounds gives you a strong sense of crises on the horizon.

You may naturally show your inner wisdom and intuition. When you are faced with dramatic changes or unexpected turning points, you will easily be able to draw on your intuition and unique wisdom to find greater healing and understanding during times of chaos and crises.

You may not be able to contain yourself and will feel compelled to act as a healer or leader during times of cataclysmic change even if you have not yet fully embraced your own need for healing.

Your traumas and wounds may inform your approach to navigating crises and change but you may also put yourself into the line of fire because of your passion to try to protect others during crisis.

Chiron sextile Pholus in the birth chart

You may find it easy to trust your instincts and develop your intuition on a deeper level during times of crisis and cataclysmic change.

You may find a clear sense of purpose and finally be able to address your past wounds and traumas because of dramatic crises. Even when you can’t fully contain the impact of the crises and situations out of your control, you will be able to uncover deeper truths about yourself.

You’ll be able to see your true wisdom and find greater healing while also inspiring others by acting as a role model.

You may find it easy to lead others by example, providing the kind of support and guidance you lacked and wished you had.

Chiron square Pholus in the birth chart

You may find it challenging to face your deeper wounds and trust your intuition during times of crisis and change.

Cataclysmic events can force you to face your own unresolved traumas. When you do, you’ll have to adjust your expectations and find ways to accept your unique perspective and inner wisdom.

Your intuition can be activated by dramatic events beyond your control if you allow yourself to open up to the higher process and adapt to the disruptive changes around you.

When you face your deeper need for transformation and change, you’ll be in a better position to find empowerment and motivation through the process of facing chaotic changes rather than minimizing or avoiding them.

Chiron trine Pholus in the birth chart

You may find it easy to embrace your inner wisdom and intuition when immersed in crises and chaotic circumstances.

You may sound the early warning when others aren’t yet aware of a looming cataclysmic event, but your unique perspective and past traumas lead you to recognize the warning signs ahead of time. Even when you are successfully able to see what is coming and try to warn others, you may find that your own individual power is limited.

You may not be able to contain the crisis, but you can learn from it. In doing so, you easily become a beacon of healing and guidance for others.

Chiron opposite Pholus in the birth chart

You may feel torn between following your unique intuition and trusting your higher wisdom during crises.

Cataclysmic changes can bring out deeper fears and trigger past traumas or wounds. You may want to be helpful and assist others as a role model, yet you will first feel compelled to hide or minimize the impact of a crisis that surrounds you.

When you find your footing and become more aware of your intuition and higher wisdom, you will be able to act as a leader, role model or healer for others.

Doing so will require you to face your unresolved wounds and become willing to address your own healing. Cataclysmic events and turning points can force you to trust your own inner wisdom on a deeper level as you may have to find your own way through these crises with insufficient help from others.

Regardless, you’ll be able to help others because of these steps that you have to first make for yourself. Crises can bring about opportunity for change and deeper intuitive understanding.

Chiron quincunx Pholus in the birth chart

You may feel insecure about your intuition and past traumas can distract you from adapting to crisis situations.

You may need to stop and address your deeper wounds and past traumas so that you will be able to trust your intuition and unique perspective. When you take the time to learn from your past traumas, you’ll be in a better position to deal with crises and cataclysmic changes.

You can then learn to trust your instincts and act as a healer, leader or guide for others. When you do, you’ll find that your intuition has prepared you for these dramatic turning points and crises.

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