Pluto and Pholus aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you initiate dramatic change during key turning points in each other’s lives?


    Pluto-Pholus-Conj.jpg Pluto and Pholus conjunct in the synastry chart

    You both can find dynamic, intense and powerful transformation in the course of crises and dramatic events.

    Pluto person can be dramatic and focused and brings intensity and passion to Pholus person's life. Pholus person can help Pluto person break loose and find the deeper inner healing and courage that Pluto person needs in order to initiate dramatic transformation.

    Pluto person can act as a leader, providing authoritative guidance, confidence and strength that helps Pholus person find their own inner authority. Pholus person can help Pluto person make dramatic breakthroughs and embrace milestones as powerful times of initiation.

    When you are faced with crises, you can both find dramatic and intense passion to catapult you forward. You can each help each other to dig deeper and shake down the boundaries and structures that have held you back in the past.

    Pluto trine, sextile or semi-sextile Pholus in the synastry chart

    You may both easily connect with each other during times of crisis. You can share an intensity and drive that helps you succeed even in difficult times.

    Pholus person helps Pluto person break through barriers and draws on crisis and cataclysmic events to create dramatic change. Pluto person helps Pholus person dig deep and awaken inner courage and power.

    Where Pholus person helps unleash new dramatic changes that Pluto person needs to face, Pluto person can then help Pholus person understand the deeper, inner meaning behind their circumstances.

    Both help each other rise to a higher understanding and find deeper connection as a result of your willingness to face dramatic crises with courage.

    Pluto opposite, square or semi-square Pholus in the synastry chart

    You have a challenging time understanding each other’s response to crises and turning points.

    Pluto person takes charge and may try to dominate the situation. Even with good intentions, Pluto person will excavate the deeper hidden secrets, exposing the inner truth in the conflicting circumstances before plotting a way to proceed.

    Pholus person's approach may seem more haphazard. Pholus person can be chaotic as they are more inclined to react to what is happening in the present than to strategize based on what is concealed beneath the surface.

    It won’t be easy for this pair, but if Pluto person is able to understand Pholus person's intense and erratic energy, Pluto person and Pholus person can work together to find the higher meaning in a crisis and dig deeper in order to uncover the inner wisdom that can be unleashed in times of cataclysmic changes.

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