Transiting Moon on natal Pholus

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    Moon-Pholus-Conj.jpg Transiting Moon conjunct natal Pholus

    You may now have to face an ordeal that significantly challenges your sense of emotional security.

    Your emotional security and sense of intuition or emotional connection to others can be shaken by an unexpected or unprecedented event now. During this time you may need to come to greater awareness of your emotional strength.

    This crisis or turning point can unleash a current of emotions. You may also feel compelled to become more protective of home and family now as you respond to a turning point that challenges the sense of security and emotional stability you feel under other circumstances.

    You can intuitively sense that something dramatic and life changing is on the horizon but others may not buy into your warnings in time.

    Though you may be able to mitigate some of the fallout from this major crisis as you nurture and protect others, you may have to accept now that you can’t completely avoid some fallout.

    Transiting Moon sextile natal Pholus

    During this time you may find it easy to draw on your emotional nature and deep intuition in order to face dramatic turning points.

    You may find it easier than usual to express your emotions and though your feelings are unleashed because of an unexpected crisis, it may seem more like a relief valve has been turned rather than feeling like you are in the midst of a crisis.

    Even if your sense of security is still shaken up, during this time you may feel a cathartic release rather than feeling overwhelmed. Your intuition will guide you so you will know how to respond to a dramatic crisis or turning point now.

    Transiting Moon square natal Pholus

    You may currently find it challenging to face the emotional turmoil that is churned up as you deal with a crisis or turning point now.

    You may have to fight past your deeper emotions and instinctual desire for security in order to face a cataclysmic event. You now need to find the energy and focus to see yourself or others through dramatic changes.

    Your emotions or intuition may need to be adjusted in order to adapt to dramatic changes on the horizon. If you do, you’ll find the motivation you need to heal and experience an outpouring of cathartic emotional expression that can be healing in the long run.

    Transiting Moon trine natal Pholus

    You may find it easier than usual to express your emotion in dramatic ways now.

    A turning point comes to the surface and this requires you to vent your emotions and follow strengthened intuition now. Though you may need to face your deeper emotions in order to successfully work through a challenging crisis, you will come out feeling emotionally cleansed and having greater clarity.

    You may become more protective of your family and loved ones now as a crisis shakes the core of your security. You will easily be able to express your love and concern but may have to contend with the fact that even your love will not be enough to soften the blow.

    You can use your nurturing gifts to help others through a milestone that you can’t completely protect them from.

    Transiting Moon opposite natal Pholus

    You may find it challenging to align your emotional power and intuition and the needs of others in the midst of a prevalent crisis.

    You may find it difficult to attend to your emotional needs during this time. You may find it hard to express your feelings or to find emotional security now. A cataclysmic event that is unleashed can bring emotional issues to the surface now.

    If you are not careful, you may become swept away by dramatic emotional catharsis and your anxiety may be misread as intuition. You may sense a disaster on the horizon but panic instead of preparing yourself.

    If you balance your emotional needs and desire for security with your need to be prepared during times of turbulence and change, you can successfully nurture and protect others during this unexpected crisis.

    Transiting Moon quincunx natal Pholus

    During this time you may find it difficult to work through your emotional turmoil and adequately prepare for a cataclysmic event.

    Your intuition may tell you there is trouble on the horizon but you may over or underestimate the turmoil because your emotions are not clear. You may need to first address your own deeper emotions and intuition so that you can successfully respond to your higher wisdom and prepare for coming changes.

    Turning points can help you grow but you’ll need to face your deeper emotional insecurities in order to gain the clarity you need in order to trust your intuition and become emotionally prepared for dramatic changes.

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