Transiting Mars on natal Pholus

    By 12andus

    Mars-Pholus-Conj.jpg Transiting Mars conjunct natal Pholus

    You may find that major life turning points are filled with passion, focus and passionate energy now.

    During this time you can be energized and focused. Even as your circumstances change, you are in a perfect position to run full speed ahead and to face any challenges that come your way with great courage and determination.

    Your zeal and commitment help to energize you so that you can tackle challenges that erupt unexpectedly. You may have to stand up and show your protective, assertive side as you face a crisis or cataclysmic event. Yet you will easily be able to muster the energy needed to overcome hardship now.

    Dramatic changes and turning points can compel you to act with ferocious intensity now. You may seem driven to succeed in spite of changing circumstances beyond your control during this time.

    Transiting Mars sextile natal Pholus

    You can easily feel a surge in energy and can be motivated and focused to overcome dramatic obstacles now.

    Major life turning points are on the horizon and though the atmosphere may seem chaotic, this is the perfect time for you to step up to the plate. Your courage and focus can drive you to act as a protector or initiator of change now.

    You may have to assert your desires and find your way through chaotic turning points so you can then lead others forward.

    When you dive in to respond to dramatic changes, you can find the best outcome through your assertive, courageous and bold personality.

    Transiting Mars square natal Pholus

    You may find it challenging to overcome crises and cataclysmic, life changing events now.

    You may be filled with dynamic, passionate, focused energy. Yet at the same time, you may burn yourself out because you’re fighting an uphill battle rather than adjusting your expectations. If you refuse to pivot and adapt with changing times, you may end up wasting your energy.

    Pick your battles now and reserve your focus and determination for the long fight ahead. Don’t get distracted by smaller issues. Be open to acting on instinct and be willing to change course when you need to now.

    Transiting Mars trine natal Pholus

    You may find it easy to show an outpouring of strength, focus and determination now.

    Your instincts and impulses will serve you well as you will be inclined to dive right in to chaotic, changing circumstances and push your way to the finish line. You may feel compelled to act as a protector or guardian now in the midst of crises.

    Step up to the plate and show your courage, leadership capabilities and determination now. You may not be able to change the crises that are unleashed around you but you will find you are well suited to the task of helping others navigate through it.

    Transiting Mars opposite natal Pholus

    You may have to fight to find the best way to focus your intense energy.

    Times of change and crisis are underway now and you may become volatile and reactive rather than focused and strategic. If you take the time to channel your powerful, determined and courageous energy into overcoming the chaotic situation unfolding around you, you may emerge as a leader or guide to others now.

    First, however you will need to overcome your own tendency to misdirect your energy and your anger. Focus on adapting to the changing circumstances around you, then put your energy into helping others find solutions.

    Transiting Mars quincunx natal Pholus

    You may find it difficult to overcome insecurities brought out by crises and changing circumstances.

    This can lead you to misdirect your energy and get involved in power struggles that aren’t needed. You may have to overcome insecurities and learn to be confident in yourself. By doing this, you will recognize your leadership potential.

    You may have just the right individual traits that lead you to succeed as a guide and protector during this time of crisis and change but will have to work to refine your approach at first.

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