Transiting Jupiter on natal Pholus


    Jupiter-Pholus-Conj.jpg Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal Pholus

    During this time you may try to be optimistic and confident.

    Yet without realizing it, you may expand the impact of a turning point or crisis, without really meaning to. With little intentional effort, small choices you make can have an impact that spreads like wildfire, unleashing bigger, dramatic changes with far-reaching consequences.

    You may intend to be philosophical and your spiritual demeanor will help you navigate dramatic changes and turning points underway now. Your wisdom and idealism may now have to face the limitations inherent in a turning point or crisis beyond your control.

    Though you don’t want to think you have limitations, events taking shape now may be humbling. When you are able to rise above the chaos and crises, you’ll be able to expand and grow into your true purpose.

    Crises and cataclysmic events can unleash your ability to transcend obstacles and walk in accordance with your higher values and ideals.

    Transiting Jupiter sextile natal Pholus

    You may easily broaden your perspective and adapt your beliefs to adjust to a cataclysmic event or crisis. It may seem like the lid has come off and dramatic changes have been unleashed.

    When you try to remain open and broaden your mind to adapt to changes beyond your control, you will be able to transcend the chaos. You will need to accept reasonable limitations and focus your energy on expanding and growing in ways that you can.

    By accepting what aspects of a crisis are beyond your control, you’ll be better able to expand and grow, finding your own higher sources of power in the midst of a crisis.

    Transiting Jupiter square natal Pholus

    You may find it challenging to deal with crises beyond your control now.

    In addition to chaotic changes coming your way, you may find it difficult to deal with the friction caused by crises and turning points that are unleashed beyond your control, and over which you have little power.

    Your greatest opportunity to overcome crisis now lies in your perspective and beliefs. You can choose to broaden your perspective or feel deflated because reality is not living up to your standards.

    You may have to work to adapt your perspective so that you can grow and thrive during the course of unprecedented changes.

    If you are able to remain flexible, you will have greater power over yourself even if you can’t completely control your surroundings.

    Transiting Jupiter trine natal Pholus

    You may easily soar over the chaos and disruption caused by crises unleashed around you now.

    Your beliefs and philosophical nature will ensure that you have the ability to broaden your perspective and keep a long-range perspective during a time in which disruptive changes are shaking things up everywhere you go.

    If anything, a shaking-up of your beliefs can help you break through barriers now. You will be able to expand your vision and live up to your ideals if you can adapt to go with the flow during this time of turbulent change.

    Transiting Jupiter opposite natal Pholus

    You may find it difficult to reconcile your limitations and need to focus on practical matters now.

    You would prefer to expand and get beyond disruptive changes and turning points, yet you can find your higher power and idealism as a source of motivation that can help you get through troubling times now if you can first accept your limitations.

    Once you can find the balance between your need to live up to your ideals and your need to respond to urgent matters and changes related to crisis in the present, you can leverage changes as milestones.

    Turning points can launch you in a new direction and you can find ways to grow and thrive in the long run if you stop fighting the inevitable now.

    Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Pholus

    You can find it challenging to trust your beliefs and ideals now.

    Crises and cataclysmic events can challenge your sense of power and confidence in yourself. You may need to overcome insecurities and face your limitations without falling into despair because of your in ability to quell a crisis.

    When you are able to work through your fears and insecurities, you will be better able to find empowerment and follow your ideals in spite of the crisis on the horizon now.

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