Transiting Juno on natal Pholus

By 12andus

Juno-Pholus-Conj.jpg Transiting Juno conjunct natal Pholus

During this time you may easily draw on the support and commitment of a spouse or partner in order to face a dramatic crisis or changing tide.

Unprecedented changes or crises on the horizon are easier to deal with because you don’t have to go it alone. You have the practical support of a loving, devoted partner and all of the security this brings.

You may feel like your spouse or partner is your ideal mate, that no cataclysmic event can shake the foundation of your partnership. Your very commitment may be enhanced now because of a dramatic crisis or turning point underway.

You’ll also find it easy to commit yourself to success by maintaining a practical sense of your own foundation now.

Even the crisis unfolding can’t shake your resolve and you have the full support of influential people who will help you.

Transiting Juno sextile natal Pholus

During this time you may find it easy to work through a dramatic crisis because of the commitment of a partner.

Your loved one’s devotion makes it easier to embrace pivotal changes on the horizon now.

You may also have a fair warning or perspective from a loved one and this helps you navigate changes that others didn’t see coming.

You can find it easy to remain devoted to family, a partner and your obligations and can thrive even in the midst of a dramatic crisis.

Transiting Juno square natal Pholus

During this time you can find it challenging to navigate a crisis.

Though you normally lean on your partner or loved one for support, this relationship may be more a source of tension than a source of support now. A crisis can also bring unresolved tension in this relationship to the surface.

If you are able to gain perspective on the challenges within your partnership, you can find it easier to feel you have your ally back in your corner. Together you can more effectively face the challenge or turning point on the horizon.

Transiting Juno trine natal Pholus

During this time you can easily draw on your commitment or devotion in a relationship with a partner in order to face down a major crisis.

A cataclysmic event or turning point on the horizon can strengthen your commitment to your partner. A relationship can also be solidified, a partner proving their true intentions and commitment, as the result of a challenging crisis.

The rocky path you are going through could make or break most relationships, but you’ll find that it makes yours stronger.

You may easily unleash your commitment and devotion to your partner now as well.

Transiting Juno opposite natal Pholus

During this time you may find it challenging to reconcile your devotion to a partner with your need to face a crisis.

A turning point or major life change can undermine your commitment or relationship now. There is no way to work through one crisis without also balancing the energy and attention you pay to resolving commitment issues in the relationship.

Insecurities and jealousy can easily be triggered now and any flaws in the relationship will be amplified by the crisis on the horizon.

The goal is to both work through the tension in your relationship and also balance your attention to dealing with preparing for and adjusting your focus as a result of, the dramatic turning point you face.

Transiting Juno quincunx natal Pholus

This can be a challenging time for your relationship or partnership.

Dramatic changes underway can shake your foundation and lead you to question the devotion of your partner. Yet if you take the time to look deeper, you’ll find that underlying the conflict is an issue with self-doubt and insecurity.

When you address these insecurities and jealousies, you’ll be better able to assert your commitment to your partner while also finding the devotion and commitment you need to address the crisis on the horizon.

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