Transiting Pholus on natal Uranus

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    Uranus-Pholus-Conj.jpg Transiting Pholus conjunct natal Uranus

    During this time you may experience unpredictable twists of fate that unleash your individualism and futuristic vision.

    You can be compelled to pursue a dramatically different path than the one you thought you were meant to follow. You may also be catapulted into new social networks, organizations or campaigns for change because seemingly small steps lead to major consequences and crises.

    You can find it difficult to maintain a stable foundation, however the disruption will tend to work in your favor now anyway. Changes you’ve needed to make can be much easier to set into motion. You may easily embrace explosive situations that blow the lid off of your typical routines and create much needed change.

    Your intuition and creativity can be enhanced now and you may feel like your potential to be innovative and unorthodox can be unleashed in dramatic ways now. A major turning point will bring unexpected consequences now.

    Transiting Pholus sextile natal Uranus

    During this time you can unleash your dramatic, creative and innovative talents in response to a dramatic turning point or crisis.

    This can be an easy time to embrace haphazard and unusual changes that bring far reaching consequences. Whether crisis or miracle, you may not know for some time to come but the odds are good you will easily find innovative ways to make the best of the situations that befall you now.

    You may not have control of the situations exploding around you but you can choose to follow your unique vision and intuition in order to make the most of a tumultuous situation.

    Transiting Pholus square natal Uranus

    During this time you may find it challenging to break free from constraints.

    Even though you are being called to abandon some aspect of your life and open up to dramatic turning points on the horizon, you may underestimate the extent of a crisis or change you’re facing. You may try to obfuscate the issues at hand and downplay the degree of changes needed.

    Yet when you shift your perspective, you’ll be better able to embrace dramatic changes that lead you to finally find the energy you needed.

    You may have to work hard to do this, but you will be able to break the tension you’ve been struggling with and open up to the unexpected, bringing new opportunities.

    Transiting Pholus trine natal Uranus

    During this time it can be important for you to let go of expectations of how things are “supposed” to be.

    You can unleash your greater creativity, humanitarian vision and innovative nature now because a crisis or turning point blows any expectations or rules out of the water.

    Traditions can’t be counted on now so expect the unexpected. Fortunately, you’ll find miraculous and spontaneous ways to navigate through unexpected twists and turns now.

    Be open to following your intuition and individuality. Don’t wait for social conventions to find your next steps, instead pave your own path and chart a new path now.

    Transiting Pholus opposite natal Uranus

    During this time you may have to work to release your expectations and trust your individualistic vision.

    You may feel shaken to your core by crises and dramatic events beyond your control. A small change or decision can unleash dramatic consequences you didn’t see coming.

    Letting go of control is the first step to beginning to reconcile your individual desire to break free from restrictions and your need to accurately assess and respond to a major crisis or turning point.

    You may be torn between what needs to be done for the greater good of society and the greater desires for your own individual advancement.

    If you step back you can balance your needs with the good of society now.

    Transiting Pholus quincunx natal Uranus

    During this time you may doubt your individuality and intuition.

    You can struggle to find your voice in the midst of a crisis now. You may also have to step back and reflect on your own inner beliefs so that you can come to greater appraisal of the crisis or change you are facing.

    Trying to downplay the impact of a crisis in order to preserve your individual plans and goals will lead to a dead end or road block. Instead, work through your inner fears and insecurities so that you can find the confidence you need to step up to the plate and pave the way to helping others embrace change.

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