Transiting Pholus on natal Ascendant

Pholus-AC-Conj.jpg Transiting Pholus conjunct natal Ascendant

You may suddenly feel the need to unleash some aspect of your personal strengths or ambition now.

A dramatic crisis or turning point can influence you to dramatically change your appearance, behavior or mannerisms. You’re not afraid to shock others or make a scene now. You may feel compelled to make a dramatic impression now and have little concern for your reputation.

Your approach to pursuing your work may involve a “slash and burn” strategy, you don’t mind tearing down what you’ve already built because you now have great confidence in what you’ll be able to recreate.

Shocking changes to your appearance will also mimic this bold energy that suddenly takes hold of you.

You may take a small step toward changing some aspect of your identity and appearance and find that you’ve thrown caution to the wind and are now making more dramatic leaps into the unknown.

Transiting Pholus sextile natal Ascendant

During this time you may find it easier than usual to embrace your shocking and unique side.

You can easily dive into making dramatic changes that help you project a bold, shocking outer persona now. Your desire to succeed can lead you to break down walls that stand in your way, though doing so may seem easier than usual now.

You may also find it easier to adapt your appearance and body language to match dramatic changes that are now going on around you.

Transiting Pholus square natal Ascendant

During this time you may be challenged by dramatic crises that threaten your ambition.

Your sense of identity or the impression you wish to convey may be shaken apart by dramatic circumstances beyond your control now. You can shift your perspective with some effort now as well. Doing so will help you express your powerful potential to be a catalyst for change.

You may have to make some shocking assertions or dramatically redefine your mission or goals. When you finally stop resisting this move, you’ll find it easier to respond to the changes underway.

You’ll find it easier to succeed because your skills and ambition will shift to match the changing circumstances around you.

Transiting Pholus trine natal Ascendant

During this time you may easily stumble into a situation that escalates faster than you anticipated.

Though you may seem to have bitten off more than you can chew, this dramatic change will compel you to unleash your true gifts and will benefit your reputation. You can thrive now as a result of beneficial accidents and synchronicities that launch you into new opportunities.

You may feel compelled to make dramatic changes that will also accelerate your success.

In particular, changes to your outward appearance or shifts in your body language, ambition or aspects of your identity are all possible now.

Transiting Pholus opposite natal Ascendant

During this time you may feel conflicted about your need to respond to a dramatic crisis or turning point and your desire to save face or preserve your reputation.

You may feel personally threatened or undermined by a crisis beyond your control now. Holding on to an image or trying to save face will only get you so far, though. You need to let go of some aspect of your identity and allow yourself to grow and thrive in dramatically new directions now.

If you are able to find the balance between being open to shifts that challenge the status quo but ultimately help you get to the path you need to be on, and willingness to accept a dramatic crisis or change for the catalyst it is, you can emerge successful.

You can channel the energy of change and transition to find greater focus for your personal ambition.

Though hit may be hard to stay a step ahead of the game, you can at least learn to let the current carry you in the direction you need to go.

Transiting Pholus quincunx natal Ascendant

During this time you may feel insecure about some aspect of your personality or outward identity.

A dramatic change or crisis can illuminate some aspect of your identity or appearance that you feel self-conscious about. Rather than hiding away from your gifts and calling, you may need to work through your doubts and fears so that you can embrace your mission now.

When you do, you’ll accept that although you may not be prepared for every angle of the turning point you face, you do have the resources and power you need to thrive and focus on your advancing personally now.

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