Transiting Pholus on natal Midheaven

Pholus-MC-Conj.jpg Transiting Pholus conjunct natal Midheaven

During this time you may find it easier than usual to thrive in your career.

Your reputation or public image may also receive an unexpected boost in an unlikely way. Seemingly small steps or choices you make now can unleash dramatic consequences that ultimately help you excel in your career path.

Though you may have to accept a dramatically changing situation which you weren’t prepared for, doing so will help you rise to a position of leadership or prominence that has a beneficial impact on your career path at large now.

During this time you may find it necessary to blast through obstacles by taking advantage of tumultuous changes and unexpected crises that disrupt but also compel you to make different choices in your career path.

Transiting Pholus sextile natal Midheaven

During this time you may find it easier than usual to rise to positions of prominence, leading others through a dramatic crisis.

A turning point can unleash new opportunities that enhance your reputation and benefit your career in dramatic ways now as well. You may face chaotic and disruptive circumstances beyond your control now, but even so your career will expand and advance in the process.

You may find it easy to make new contacts or re-envision your career path now that unexpected changes have shaken the foundation you thought was previously guaranteed.

Transiting Pholus square natal Midheaven

During this time you may feel conflicted about your career path.

A major turning point or crisis has shaken your foundation now and the prospects for your career have shifted. If you don’t adjust your own expectations and become open to letting this crisis teach you how to adapt to new circumstances, you may find it challenging to move forward.

Your reputation or public image can be undermined by a crisis or dramatic change beyond your control now. Yet this can also be the path to a career change you’ve needed.

If you change your perspective now and open up to other opportunities, you can find motivation to advance professionally in the course of this dramatic crisis.

Transiting Pholus trine natal Midheaven

During this time you may find it easy to unleash your skills and show the world what you’re made of.

You can use your public platform and status to act as a leader now, helping others to find their way through a crisis or dramatic turning point. You may advance professionally now as well even as your foundation is shaken by changes beyond your control.

This crisis or change works out for the best for you and helps you to succeed in business or on your career path. You can find it easier than usual to thrive now and can leverage your platform to help others as a leader or guide now as well.

Transiting Pholus opposite natal Midheaven

During this time you may find it challenging to contend with a crisis that has shifted your career prospects.

You can find it difficult to face the full scope of a crisis or disaster now because you may be misjudging the scope of a change or crisis. Needed adjustments can help you find the balance you need in order to thrive and adjust your career path to fit the changing playing field around you.

You may need to accept dramatic changes that undermine the career path you expected to follow and the disconnection between your circumstances and what you had hoped for becomes more obvious now.

By making adjustments to your expectations, you can face this crisis and use your skills and platform to advance professionally now.

Transiting Pholus quincunx natal Midheaven

During this time you may find it challenging to face a crisis that can damage your career path.

When you take the time to re-examine your values and consider your options, you may come back to the core of your mission and embrace this crisis as a turning point that will help you to make needed changes Though you may need to put some effort into changing the goal posts when it comes to your career, being flexible and adapting your ambition to fit an unfolding crisis will be the key to giving you the confidence you need to advance now.

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