Transiting Moon on natal Eros

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    Moon-Eros-Conj.jpg Transiting Moon conjunct natal Eros

    During this time you can easily follow your instincts and emotions and your intuition can lead you to an exciting affair.

    An intimate partner may be a source of emotional arousal as well as sexual fulfillment. In fact, during this time, you may feel a more intense need for emotional connection in order to feel aroused or stimulated.

    Your moods may lead you to confuse love and infatuation, for they will feel exactly the same. Your emotions can compel you to pursue a partner who makes you feel secure and comfortable and your desire to enjoy intimacy at home, at the beach or near water is now heightened.

    You may also become obsessed with a lover or love interest who reminds you of your past or who creates a sense of domestic bliss and security.

    Transiting Moon sextile natal Eros

    You may find it easy to express your desires and fantasies now.

    Even your completely sexual impulses become more emotional now. You may feel compelled to act on instinct and your intuition can easily lead you to connect to a sexual or intimate partner who makes you feel secure.

    You are more aroused by emotional connection and expression now as well and may become more moody and vulnerable in your connection to an intimate partner. You may now become more interested in exploring fantasies involving home and domestic roles as part of your sexual expression.

    Transiting Moon square natal Eros

    During this time you may find it challenging to express your emotions and erotic nature at the same time.

    You may question your intuition and wonder if you are being deceived by a lover or partner who is highly sexual and erotic. Is it love? Is it lust? You may have a difficult time sorting out the emotions involved in a connection to someone with whom you are becoming deeply infatuated.

    You may have an intuitive sense that you need to remain grounded and not lose yourself in a relationship, yet your emotions can also now compel you to take risks you aren’t quite sure of.

    Yet even amidst sexual friction and excitement, you can find the motivation to pursue your emotional and erotic desire in a relationship.

    Transiting Moon trine natal Eros

    You can have a strong sense of instinct and intuition when it comes to expressing your erotic and sensual side now.

    This can be an intense time for you as you feel as emotionally charged by an exciting relationship as you feel sexually charged. You can find sentimentality and emotional vulnerability to be extremely arousing during this time.

    This is a good time to embark on a more emotionally satisfying relationship with a sexual partner as you can more easily blend intimacy and emotional connection and find greater fulfillment. Your desire for pleasure can be linked to your desire for security as you strive to find a sense of being at home with your partner.

    This can be an ideal time to express your fantasies and nurture an intimate partnership rather than only tending to your physical desires and fantasies.

    Transiting Moon opposite natal Eros

    You may feel torn between your emotional desires and your desire for greater intimacy in your relationship now.

    You may feel sexually unfulfilled or insecure about where you stand in a relationship. You may feel tempted to use your sexual nature to get a partner to open up emotionally, only to become frustrated when sensual connection doesn’t more naturally lead to a stronger emotional connection.

    You may also become infatuated with a partner who is not really emotionally available. This is an important time to be honest with yourself about the true nature of the relationship you are in. If you are expecting an affair to become an emotionally deep relationship, you are likely to become disappointed now.

    Yet you can find greater balance now. By asserting your emotional needs and willingness to explore your intimate desires, you can find the right balance between sensuality and emotional attachment.

    Transiting Moon quincunx natal Eros

    You may find it challenging now to express your emotions and desires for security.

    You may try to find ways to blend both your erotic needs and emotional longings yet you may go to extremes at first. This can overwhelm your partner or challenge your intimate partner as your moods may be intense now.

    On the other hand, you may also try to stifle either your emotional nature in favor of erotic connection or stifle your erotic nature in favor of emotional connection.

    Yet you will have to work through some deeper insecurities related to your sexuality or beliefs about relationships in order to become confident channeling your emotional and erotic energy.

    When you do, however, you can become more confident in yourself and your emotional energy can be more closely linked to your sensual and sexual side.

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