Moon in Leo, Moon in Virgo, Moon in Libra, Moon in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we support each other?

moon.jpg Composite Moon in Leo

You support each other through dramatic displays of love. You can both take a grandiose role in the relationship.

You’ll treat each other like King and Queen in this relationship. Both of you are confident and empower each other as a way of supporting each other.

You don’t hold your feelings back and can have dramatic ways of showing your feelings for each other.

You support each other through generosity and grand gestures. You may look to each other to show support through expensive gifts or dates.

Your relationship is supported by creativity that you share with each other. You each need to feel like the center of the other’s universe. You support each other through praise and attention.

Making each other feel secure involves understanding who each of you truly is as an individual. Feeling seen and recognized makes you both feel adored.

This is essential to the growth of your relationship. You both need to make each other feel like royalty.

Composite Moon in Virgo

You both need stability and organization in order to feel secure.

The relationship between the two of you requires methodical routines. You can show support for each other by caring for each other’s health.

Nurturing each other through making healthy meals or encouraging each other to exercise or make healthy choices also brings nurturing energy to the relationship.

You can feel secure in the relationship with each other because you both want to be of service to each other and the relationship.

This relationship is a source of practical grounding for you both. Neither of you is likely to be ego-driven in this relationship. Instead, you seek security by helping each other.

You may also both offer each other criticism because you see this as a way to show your support and concern. You may not realize how this comes across.

When you’re both showing empathy and compassion for each other in addition to offering such criticism, it will be seen as support. Otherwise, you run the risk of unintentionally hurting each other.

Composite Moon in Libra

You both feel supported by acts of compassion, gentleness and diplomacy. You both need harmony and peace.

This relationship is best supported by words of romance, love and beauty. You are both idealistic and loving, but also need to help each other to stay grounded.

You may be drawn toward escapism and fantasy in this relationship. Help each other avoid indecisiveness.

Feeling understood and empathized with as a partnership is essential to keeping this relationship thriving.

You both feel supported by mental stimulation, beauty, compassion and romance. This is a relationship that provides emotional nurturing through creativity and the arts.

When you are both able to balance each other’s strengths, this relationship can feel more supportive. Neither one of you will want to be the leader.

Sharing artistic, creative, and peaceful ways to bring love, harmony and beauty into each other’s lives helps to make you both feel supported.

Composite Moon in Scorpio

You both need to feel deeply understood and connected to each other in order to feel supported.

Your psychic connection to each other and passionate desires help to sustain this relationship. You both need to see through the veil and understand each other’s subconscious needs.

This relationship can be emotionally transformative for you both if you are able to promote healing, confidence, and empowerment. You both need to feel an honest connection.

Honesty is important to this relationship yet you also need to both understand the need for each partner to have their own privacy and secrets.

Avoid possessiveness, jealousy and suspicion in this relationship. You both feel supported by having each other’s backs no matter what.

Sharing a strong and passionate sexual connection is also important for both of you. Sexual intimacy helps you to both feel emotionally connected and supported.

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