Jupiter in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aquarius, Jupiter in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we bring luck and expansion into each other’s lives?


Composite Jupiter in Sagittarius

You easily encourage each other’s confidence and optimism. This relationship can encourage you both to take risks.

You both have an easy time socializing with each other and among friends in large groups.

You can also find it easier than usual to influence each other’s spirituality, philosophy and worldview.

The two of you may enjoy traveling together. Whether this is a professional or personal relationship, you are likely to be transparent with each other.

You are both likely to encourage each other to take risks financially or in business. Even when this doesn’t work as well as expected, you tend to get lucky breaks.

As a couple you are cheerful, amiable, and have a playful side that brings joy to each other.

You encourage each other to explore pleasure and luxuries, enjoying the “good life” both spiritually and materialistically.

Composite Jupiter in Capricorn

You easily inspire each other to find security and to persevere.

This is an ideal relationship for business partners or colleagues. In romance or personal relationships, you both make it easy for each other to find patience and steadfastness.

You help to ground each other. As a couple, you can find it easy to expand on traditions and set a foundation for family or financial success.

You help inspire each other to adopt routines and find self-discipline. You may also both have a traditional mindset or beliefs that are old-fashioned.

Yet this works for both of you. Even through challenges, the two of you come to feel invigorated and inspired.

You both believe that sacrifice, hardship and limitations can be the key to success and as a couple you’ll find it easy to give up on instant gratification for long term gains.

Composite Jupiter in Aquarius

You easily surprise each other by inspiring each other to break barriers and expand your vision.

This is a great relationship for stimulating creativity and innovation. A professional connection can help you both find groundbreaking solutions to problems.

In a romantic relationship, the two of you can easily expose each other to shocking new revelations. It’s easy for the two of you to inspire each other to think in radically new ways.

You may improve each other’s lifestyles and beliefs in profound new ways. You also can inspire in each other a love of humanitarian causes and issues.

You easily accept each other for exactly who you are, without judgment or conditions.

You can also find it easy to bring out the quirky and unusual side of each other, celebrating your creativity and free-spirited nature.

Composite Jupiter in Pisces

You can easily bring out the compassion, empathy, and nurturing in each other.

This is a highly emotional partnership and you both can be very sensitive to each other’s deeper needs.

You are also attuned to each other’s energy and may feel highly spiritually connected. This is a great placement for a personal or romantic relationship.

You both inspire each other’s creativity and may collaborate on musical or artistic endeavors together.

You may alter each other’s beliefs or mindset by introducing each other to new beliefs or states of mind.

Whether by experimenting with drugs together or learning meditation or trance together, you both help each other explore ways to expand beyond the material world.

You can find it easy to show your affection, feelings, love and compassion for each other. It’s important for you both to feel connected emotionally.

This relationship can be healing and transcendent. You feel loved and understood by each other.

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