Saturn in Aries, Saturn in Taurus, Saturn in Gemini, Saturn in Cancer in the composite chart: How do we bring structure into each other’s lives? Or What is our relationship Karma?

saturn.jpg Composite Saturn in Aries

You both aid each other in an important way, by providing the foundation and security to help each other act on your needs.

You can be motivating and inspiring to each other thanks to your optimism and willingness to be each other’s cheerleaders.

This relationship involves Karma related to knowing when to take action and when to trust your instincts. You may help each other find confidence and strength to assert yourself in new ways.

You know how to help each other make your dreams become crystal clear. You may inspire each other to manifest your desires by helping each other find motivation.

If either of you needs help finding self-discipline, this is a great relationship to help you both bring more structure into your life.

You may come into each other’s lives at a time when it seems your opportunities are limited. Yet by working together, you help each other discover greater options.

Composite Saturn in Taurus

You help each other work through Karma related to comfort, security and self-worth.

You may play an essential role in helping each other see the beauty and value you both have. You may also have to help each other work through lessons involving trust.

At some point you may feel as if you’re having to choose between love or money. This relationship can place hardships or restrictions on a financial situation.

You may also both feel as if you have to struggle to discover ways to be comfortable together.

You may feel triggered by each other when it comes to trust issues, yet you both see an allure in this relationship and know you can’t easily walk away.

Commitment may also be a hard lesson in the relationship. It may take patience or steady effort to come to a point in which the timing feels right to you both.

Composite Saturn in Gemini

You may find it challenging to meet each other’s intellectual needs. Karmic lessons in this relationship have to do with communication.

If you’ve taken your style of expression for granted, this partnership helps you both to realize that not everyone understands what’s on your mind. You help each other learn to convey your messages clearly.

This is not without its challenges, however. You both need to learn from trial and error how not to hinder each other’s ideas and communication.

It may be difficult for the two of you to discuss topics that seem taboo or unconventional.

When you stick to traditions and routines, it can be easier for you to stay on the same page. Yet this can feel stifling for both of you.

You can help each other manifest your ideas, but you’ll both need to come out of your comfort zones and work together diligently to put the needed effort behind your dreams.

Composite Saturn in Cancer

You may struggle together to establish a sense of home and family. Karmic lessons in this relationship have to do with nurturing each other.

If you both don’t feel comfortable showing vulnerability, this relationship can stagnate and become too practical or detached.

It’s important that you have a solid foundation together so you can express your emotions and honor each other’s sensitive side.

Yet this may take time, patience and practice to perfect. The initial instinct will be to gloss over deeper emotional issues.

This can be a great business relationship because it’s easier for the two of you to tune into each other’s financial and practical instincts and build a foundation for security.

Yet if you are both able to hold space for each other emotionally, this can also be a satisfying personal or romantic relationship.

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