Pluto in Aries, Pluto in Taurus, Pluto in Gemini, Pluto in Cancer in the composite chart: How do we help each other find power and transformation?

pluto.jpg Composite Pluto in Aries

You can both be intensely driven to challenge each other, driving each other to release extra baggage and advance.

You can inspire each other to be true to your individual ambitions. Avoid competitive drives that lead you to try to outdo each other.

Instead, try to collaborate and take turns promoting each other’s work. This is a great relationship for empowerment and transformation related to building confidence.

You are both likely to try to overpower each other. This can become a trap in this relationship. Try to avoid power struggles and manipulation.

You have a magnetic attraction to each other and your sexual relationship can be exciting, passionate, and intense. You may even become obsessed with each other.

Try to avoid the lure of forcing change on each other. There is a fine line for the two of you between motivating each other and trying to coerce each other to change into someone you are not.

You both have a knack for seeing beneath the surface and influencing each other on a deep and subconscious level that can lead to powerful personal change.

Composite Pluto in Taurus

You can both become transformative forces in each other’s lives when it comes to wealth and career.

You help each other reinvent your concepts of stability, comfort and commitment.

This can be a sexually intense and sensual relationship. If you have a professional relationship, the two of you can inspire each other to find confidence to make major career changes.

You may help each other rebrand a business or take on a dramatically new professional role.

In personal relationships, you may have to overcome difficulties trusting each other. You both have the potential to help each other clear clutter from your lives and overcome attachment to material wealth.

Likewise, you may transform each other’s ideals of beauty, love and romance. Through this relationship, you both come to understand these ideas of beauty, love and abundance on a deeper level.

You can help each other find stability in the midst of change and come to have greater confidence in your strengths and potential. Avoid power struggles and jealousy in this relationship.

Composite Pluto in Gemini

You can both dramatically impact each other’s ideas and perspectives. You may help each other transform your communication styles.

This relationship may also prove to be a breakthrough when it comes to how you both express yourselves. You each can help each other cut ties with old friendships.

This relationship may begin as a friendship yet you help each other navigate through serious matters, particularly intense losses.

Through this connection, you can both become more confident of your ideas and beliefs. You may both go to extremes and inspire each other to adopt zealous ideas.

You can both struggle with feeling torn between wanting to keep things fun and playful but also having to confront serious matters or intense changes.

You may also struggle between the desire for intense intimacy and commitment and the fear of narrowing your options.

Composite Pluto in Cancer

As a couple, you both face dramatic transformation and release when it comes to home, family and business.

You can both inspire each other to find power from your intuition and deeper emotions. When you work together, you can help each other achieve cathartic breakthroughs.

Expressing your emotional nature is important in this relationship. You can both learn how to channel your strong emotions to find empowerment but can also become possessive and manipulative.

You may compel each other to change residence or make dramatic changes to your household.

If either partner hasn’t dealt with losses from family, home or past emotional wounds, you can work together to help each other put closure on these wounds.

This is a positive relationship for empowerment, transformation and family. Though in a family relationship be aware, you will come to dramatically rethink your original perspectives.

You can also help each other to release toxic connections to family members who have been controlling or suffocating in the past.

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