Pluto in Leo, Pluto in Virgo, Pluto in Libra, Pluto in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we help each other find power and transformation?

pluto.jpg Composite Pluto in Leo

You both have an instinctive gift for helping each other release aspects of your personality that are not truly authentic.

You both strive to show each other confidence, generosity, optimism and respect for your individual gifts and strengths.

This relationship can lead you both to find your deeper sources of strength and personal power.

You can bring out the courageous and confident side of each other. Yet you may need to be careful not to compete with each other.

You can both adore being in the spotlight. Working together, you can be a winning team with power and style.

But you can also easily become jealous of each other’s accomplishments. Try to stay aligned on the same team, not working against each other.

As a professional connection, work on trust so that you can collaborate and complement each other’s strengths rather than doubting how each of you measures up to the other.

Composite Pluto in Virgo

You can both have a dramatic impact on each other’s routines and daily tasks or work.

You may forever change the way you both look at health. This relationship can have a transformative impact on your schedules and routines as well.

You may both completely reshape your lifestyle, schedules, and practical matters related to your daily actions as a result of the relationship.

Try to find the underlying purpose behind your tasks. You may feel responsible for each other’s security.

Though you may try to be of service to others, you can both become dogmatic and self-righteous if you’re not careful.

Try to avoid placing heavy demands and expectations on each other. You can easily become disillusioned if you’ve expected each other to be perfect.

You may inspire each other to go to extremes when it comes to health or exercise. Try to avoid zealously embracing new habits together when balance is needed.

Composite Pluto in Libra

You can both be intense and obsessed with your connection to each other.

This is an ideal relationship for sexuality, love, romance and for creative collaborations.

Though you may want a lighthearted romance with a perpetual honeymoon feeling, the two of you can’t avoid getting into deeper and more intense emotions.

Try to keep power balanced in this relationship. You can both veer too far to the extremes to try to impress each other.

Your standards as far as beauty and romance can also be extreme. You may become attached to specific attributes but need to work on deeper unconditional love.

Your shared creativity can lead you to power, status and abundance if you work together. Try to support each other’s talents rather than becoming jealous or manipulating each other.

Composite Pluto in Scorpio

Your relationship is intense, dramatic and life changing.

The sexual chemistry between the two of you is sizzling and may be obvious to all who see you. This can be a professional or personal relationship, yet there is a sexual element to it.

You may ignite each other’s desires and passions yet this relationship is not without its power struggles.

If you are able to both feel secure together and not feel the urge to compete with each other, this can be a profoundly transformative relationship.

In career, you can help each other make significant changes and let go of barriers and fears that keep you stuck.

In personal relationships, you’ll have to define your boundaries. It will be challenging to keep perspective if sexual intimacy becomes part of the relationship.

You both need to feel as if you can trust each other and regardless of whether a commitment is desired you are both sensitive to betrayal or deception.

In romance and love, you both need to feel needed in the relationship. Be careful not to encourage dependency or obsession in this connection.

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