Chiron in Aries, Chiron in Taurus, Chiron in Gemini, Chiron in Cancer in the composite chart: How do we translate past wounds into special wisdom and healing for others?

chiron.jpg Composite Chiron in Aries

You each clearly recognize each other’s unique attributes and needs as individuals.

Because of this, you can both feel at ease being honest and frank with each other. This can leave you both facing harsh truths about yourselves.

You each help each other find a direct path to healing past wounds and traumas. Through this relationship, the two of you can help each other find confidence and optimism.

You don’t need to criticize each other. Just by being direct and honest truth-tellers the two of you can help each other face past wounds and develop your unique gifts.

You may both discover who you truly are as a result of the relationship. The passion and dedication you show each other can also compensate for wounds related to alienation in the past.

You are both strong-willed and can become easily focused on a specific mission. When you’re aligned, the two of you can become unstoppable.

You’ll summon the best of your inner power and confidence to help each other succeed. This can help you both feel a part of something larger than yourselves.

Composite Chiron in Taurus

You both come to the relationship with wounds related to seeing your value and worth.

You may try to compensate for this by being too independent or self-sufficient as you both try to prove yourselves to each other. Yet this relationship can be healing for you both.

You can help each other understand your true potential and talents. You both can also help each other heal wounds that kept you from seeing your inner beauty.

The two of you can work together to build a secure, productive, luxurious and comfortable romance. You may pamper each other to make up for past losses or pains.

If you are both careful to not become too focused on using materialistic means to show your love and compassion for each other, this can be a grounding relationship.

You may help each other become financially successful and in addition to romance this can be a positive professional relationship.

Composite Chiron in Gemini

You both may feel misunderstood and disconnected until you meet each other.

The communication in this relationship is unlike anything either of you have experienced before. You may feel like you are naturally able to understand each other.

At times it may seem as if you’re speaking your own private language that others aren’t privy to. It doesn’t matter to the two of you, though, because your intellectual connection helps you both to heal.

You may both feel traumatic past wounds related to feeling inadequate in school or having difficulty with communication.

But when you’re together, neither one of you feels the need to explain yourself. You both can convey exactly what’s on your mind.

This relationship inspires you both to become more open and cheerful. You may also find your playful side together. This relationship can be flirty and lighthearted.

Composite Chiron in Cancer

Each of you may feel as if you’re alienated from your family or missing out on some aspect of family life.

Yet by nurturing each other in this relationship, you both come to feel comfortable and secure. This relationship can bring comfort and emotional healing.

This relationship can make the two of you feel at home with each other right away. You can take on a nurturing role in each other’s lives and may act maternally toward each other.

The two of you can find it easy to confide your secrets to each other. This relationship can lead the two of you to heal from early traumas that made you feel displaced.

You may find the emotional nurturing, connection, and sense of family and home in this relationship that you didn’t find earlier in your life.

This relationship will naturally feel personal and emotional. Yet even as professional or business colleagues, you both can help each other excel in business.

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