Chiron in Sagittarius, Chiron in Capricorn, Chiron in Aquarius, Chiron in Pisces in the composite chart: How do we translate past wounds into special wisdom and healing for others?

chiron.jpg Composite Chiron in Sagittarius

You may both be instrumental in helping each other expand your horizons and heal your belief system.

Before this relationship, you may each have had wounds related to indoctrination in culture, religion or both. You may have struggled with shame and self-acceptance as a result.

Yet this relationship helps you both find the acceptance and unconditional love you’ve both craved and felt you never got in the past.

This relationship can help you both broaden your minds. You may teach each other a new philosophy or perspective that is liberating and empowering.

If confidence in yourself has been an issue in the past, this relationship takes you both large strides closer to finding the self-assurance you needed.

Together, you inspire each other to take risks and explore life’s pleasures. This can be an exciting and adventurous relationship that helps you both heal from insecurities.

You know just what to say and do to help each other feel inspired to pursue your passions.

Composite Chiron in Capricorn

You both may need reassurance of the security this relationship brings you.

Prior to this connection, you may feel as if other people frequently disappointed you or didn’t follow through on their promises.

Yet your sense of commitment and duty to each other helps instill faith that the world is not a bad place and others can be depended on.

You have both gone through your share of hardships in the past. You may not know how to make sense of your past wounds until you meet each other.

With each other’s practical perspective in mind, the two of you can use your past struggles as motivation to create security and stability.

You may both also have an easy time working together, even on challenging tasks. You both have worked diligently to accomplish your goals. When you combine your efforts, you will go the extra mile to succeed no matter how long it takes.

This can be a great healing relationship for colleagues or in a shared business.

Composite Chiron in Aquarius

You are both creative, and have a need for intellectual connection and emotional space in relationships.

Others don’t always understand your quirky side, but when you’re together, you both feel respected and understood on a deeper level.

Unexpected and shocking situations from your past may leave you both feeling unnerved and restless in relationships. Yet you both know how to soothe your anxieties.

This is a great relationship for friendships, creative collaborations, and mentor/mentee. You inspire each other and believe in each other’s unique vision.

You may inspire each other to create something new. Your past wounds may lead you both to collaborate on a shared humanitarian mission to help others as well.

This relationship can have some uncanny, surprising and unusual features. Yet the two of you show each other unconditional love.

You aren’t afraid to break with tradition in this relationship. In fact, doing so can be instrumental to your healing process.

You are both conscious not to repeat mistakes from the past and easily help each other release past wounds.

Composite Chiron in Pisces

You both have deep wounds related to feeling isolated, misunderstood, or neglected.

You crave emotional support and this relationship gives you both an opportunity to feel the empathy and compassion you’ve been craving.

Through this relationship, you can both introduce a level of spiritual exploration that is healing and transformative.

You may inspire each other to get involved in trance work, meditation, or other spiritual practices.

This is a great relationship for romance. You may feel as if you’ve known each other in another lifetime as well.

Your connection can help you both release addictive behaviors and old illusions. You can find it easy to be yourselves around each other, more so than with anyone else.

Boundaries can be an issue in this relationship. You both need to learn from past wounds what healthy boundaries feel like. Otherwise, you run the risk of trying to “save” each other and this can backfire.

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