Pallas in Aries, Pallas in Taurus, Pallas in Gemini, Pallas in Cancer in the composite chart: How do we strategize to bring justice and to fight for what we believe in?

pallas.jpg Composite Pallas in Aries

The two of you make justice a high priority. You are direct and assertive when it comes to strategizing together.

You don’t beat around the bush when it comes to showing your passion and instinct for making plans. When you’re on a mission together, you bring out the courage and focus in each other.

This is a great relationship for inspiring each other to fight for what you believe in. You may mentor each other to be more honest and direct when it comes to speaking up for yourself.

You are also likely to inspire each other to be courageous and transparent when it comes to putting effort into doing the right thing.

You are also likely to get fired up when it comes to inspiring each other to advocate for people who are being treated unfairly. You may bond over shared crusades for justice.

Your style of influencing each other is to be instinctive and spontaneous. Though you can be sharp and strategic, you don’t let each other procrastinate.

Composite Pallas in Taurus

The two of you work together to show each other just how much you value each other.

You are practical and strategic about your approaches to romance. You love giving each other special gifts and may even approach the relationship as if it were a business merger.

There’s never a shallow gesture between the two of you. This is a great relationship for romance, business, and professional relationships.

You inspire each other to create beauty and share what you love and value the most. The two of you know how to bring out the best in each other.

Though you may be passionate about each other, neither one of you will lose control. You’re both too methodical and careful for that.

Instead, you take a calculated approach to showing your love and are both determined to make the relationship work.

You may easily inspire each other and create a fierce bond that is unbreakable. You are protective of each other but both of you avoid drama at all costs.

Composite Pallas in Gemini

You both inspire each other intellectually and can use your communication skills to strengthen the relationship.

You know just what to say to each other to create optimism and stir passions in the relationship. Though you may imagine each other being a knight in shining armor, the reality is neither one of you likes conflict.

You’d rather put your heads together and try to solve problems than to show aggression. Yet the two of you can be fiercely protective of each other.

If anyone puts either of you down, your partner will come to your defense and use a sharp tongue to cut down your adversary.

This is an ideal relationship for mentor and mentees, friends, and romance. The two of you know how to create common ground for your ideas and plans.

Composite Pallas in Cancer

This is an ideal relationship for love, family and business.

You both have a keen sense of intuition and can foresee the path the other is on. You can anticipate what is best for each other and have a knack for motivating and nurturing each other.

Through your compassionate and caring nature, you know how to make each other feel like family. Because of this, you can inspire deep devotion in each other as well.

This relationship brings out the maternal or paternal protective instincts in both of you. Though you’d rather carefully plan your strategies than fly off the handle when your passions are provoked.

Yet sometimes you both just can’t help it. You are emotionally sensitive to each other and will feel responsible for nurturing each other’s vulnerable sides.

Your instincts are often on target and that can make this a strong relationship in business. Your partnership to each other is enhanced by your knack for knowing just how to make each other feel secure.

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