Juno in Leo, Juno in Virgo, Juno in Libra, Juno in Scorpio in the composite chart: How do we show our devotion and potential for marriage or romantic commitments?

juno.jpg Composite Juno in Leo

You both have a flair for the dramatic and when it comes to showing your commitment to each other, you’ll move mountains to demonstrate your love.

Partially, this is to send each other the signal that you’re committed to each other. Yet it’s also because you secretly want others to know your partner isn’t available.

This is a great partnership for marriage and romance. It’s likely you’ll want your marriage to be a continuation of the passion you shared early in the relationship.

Your passion for each other easily escalates into overprotectiveness and even jealousy. In fact, you both may feel as if showing your feelings in such intense ways is part of the proof that you love each other.

Though your commitment is based on loyalty and devotion, insecurities and sensitivities can lead you both to have a stormy partnership at times.

Composite Juno in Virgo

This is a solid partnership that is likely to be built on shared sense of responsibility, honesty, and practical nurturing.

You don’t rush to commitment, but the two of you are devoted to a slow, steady and caring relationship. You show your devotion through small daily acts of service.

Neither of you likes to bring drama into the relationship. You prefer instead to share a modest life and enjoy simple pleasures together.

You care about each other and show your concern by worrying about each other’s well being.

This is a partnership that is likely to become a marriage once you are both feeling secure enough to settle down.

This is a relationship that you are both likely to feel is worth waiting for, so it’s likely neither of you will grow impatient. Your marriage is marked by humility and quiet appreciation of each other.

Composite Juno in Libra

You show your devotion to each other through compassionate acts of love and empathy.

This is a great position for romantic relationships and it is likely the two of you will seek marriage once you are both ready to commit.

You may know you love each other right away, yet you’ll both need to weigh the pros and cons of commitment before settling down.

It’s also likely that the two of you will share a shy side and so it may take time for you both to take the initiative to make the relationship official or to propose.

Once you are married, you’ll both tend to each other’s desires for peace, comfort and beauty. This relationship will be based on keeping each other happy and pampered.

You are both also likely to share interests in advocating for others or campaigning for social causes.

Composite Juno in Scorpio

You both have an intense desire to show your devotion to each other.

Your relationship may border on obsessive. There’s no denying your devotion to each other.

In spite of your loyalty and obsessive connection to each other, it’s likely you’ll both still maintain some suspicions about each other’s intentions.

Trust can be an issue and you are both likely to be sensitive to signs of betrayal or deception, even when none exists.

Though your jealous and possessive natures can make the relationship stormy at times, the two of you know how to soothe each other’s need for validation and loyalty.

This can be an intense and passionate marriage. You’ll both look for a solid long term commitment from each other.

You may either postpone marriage as you investigate each other to determine each other’s trustworthiness, or you may rush in and have a passionate and fiery path to a quick marriage.


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